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This last summer I lost approximately 35 lbs. in less than two months. As a result, I have received numerous requests for information on my weight loss program from friends and family, as well as from strangers that somehow heard of my accomplishment. I decided the easiest way to share my specific program with others was to post it online.

The weight loss program that I developed is a hybrid of numerous other diet and exercise plans that I examined in detail prior to designing my own system to lose weight and improve my health. I realized that if I didn't keep it simple or if I tried to follow a plan that prevented me from eating the foods that I enjoy, the plan would fail. Over time I developed a plan that allowed me to continue to enjoy my favorite foods in moderation and still lose weight.

As I began to achieved my weight loss goals, I became even more interested in improving my overall health. This included adding phases to the plan that helped me to gain physical strength while continuing to lose weight.  Over the past several months I have modified my routine to help me achieve new goals that I set for myself. As a result, my program has evolved into several phases, each one taking me to another level in my pursuit for my ideal weight and quality of health. However, I kept the same philosophy in mind, keep it simple and enjoyable!

It is not necessary for an individual to follow all the phases of my program to enjoy a healthier and thinner life. In fact, many people  will have no interest in any of the additional phases that I have added to the program beyond phase one. That is fine, the key is to start enjoying a healthier life today. This is accomplished when you set realistic goals and then achieve them.

Program Basics

Phase One is a very straightforward and simple program to follow. You will notice that it employs the same principles you have heard all of your life... eat right, drink more water, exercise and you will live a healthier and happier life. I have merely added my own twist to this philosophy in an attempt to make it easier to follow. Over the next few months I hope to add information on phase two and phase three of my program. In addition, I will continue to provide additional information and/or strategies that will provide better insight and guidance with phase one of this program.

Remember, life is too short to be unhappy with your appearance or health. Start your road to personal improvement today!!

Basic Routine

 Water  Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day
 Saturated Fat  Consume less than 10 grams of saturated fat a day (not including dinner)
 Exercise Perform 30-60 minutes of simple aerobic exercise five times a week

Health Warning

Before starting any diet or exercise program it is important that you check with your family physician to verify that it is safe for you to follow. A routine that works for one individual may be harmful to another depending on their current health and family medical history. The simple plan listed here was one that I used recently to lose weight and improve my appearance, however it might not be safe for everyone.

Program Phases


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