Phase One - Drink Plenty of Water

Water - The Ultimate Weight Loss Supplement

32 oz. water bottleWe have heard the same advice since we were a small children, drink plenty of water. In our third grade health classes, we were told that the average person should drink at least eight, 8 ounce glasses a water a day. Unfortunately most of us do not follow this advice. In fact, with the popularity of soda, I doubt that the average American drinks half of their daily requirement of water.

The human body is made up of over 90% water. Because of that simple fact, common sense should tell us that supplying our bodies with adequate amounts of water each day is essential. Unfortunately the average person is more apt to reach for a cup of coffee or a can of soda instead of a glass of water. After all, liquid is the same as water, right? Wrong! Drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol actually dehydrate the body. In fact, health professionals recommend that in addition to the two quarts of water that you should drink as a minimum each day, you should add one and a half cups of water for every cup of caffeinated drinks you consume in order to counter the dehydration effects.

In addition to the 64 ounces of water that the average person needs to drink daily in order to satisfy their health requirements, overweight persons need to drink several more glasses of water each day. For every 25 pounds of excess weight, a person should drink an additional 8 ounces of water. As discussed earlier, this amount continues to increase if you drink caffeinated beverages. A helpful solution is to have water with you at all times. Carry a bottle of water with you that can be refilled throughout the day. When you order a soda or an alcoholic beverage, ask for a glass of water also. Do not let them refill your drink until you have emptied your water glass. It might mean a couple of extra trips to the restroom, but it will be worth it.

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Water is quite possibly the one true "weight loss" secret that most individuals ignore during their quest to shed pounds.  Water is a natural appetite suppressant and is essential in assisting the body in metabolizing stored fat. In fact, during weight loss, extra water is needed to flush out the fat that your body has metabolized. Don't go to all the trouble of attacking the stored fat cells in your body through exercise and diet and not put the proper fuel in your body to permanently remove it from your system.


My Routine
7 a.m.  Drink 16 oz. glass of  water
8 a.m. - Noon  Drink at least 32 oz. of water
Noon -   7 p.m.  Drink at least 32 oz. of water

Hint - I carry a 32 ounce bottle of water with me at all times and drink at least two full bottles a day. The key is to not refill it until you have completely emptied it. That way you know exactly how much water you have consumed each day. Also, 10 minutes before eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, drink 8 - 16 oz. of water.