Designing a Marketing Team for Slack’s Growth

In our most recent episode of the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast, we were joined by Julie Liegl, CMO at Slack. Julie is no stranger to driving cutting-edge demand gen tactics. As the former EVP of Global Marketing at Salesforce, she helped create and oversee the world-class corporate event that is known as Dreamforce. Today, she’s currently orchestrating a complete transformation in the way that businesses communicate as the CMO of Slack.

Slack has rapidly become a household name as a massive portion of the world’s population transitions to remote work. Slack is a collaboration hub that brings people, information, and tools together to help millions of users around the world get work done. With over 2,000 apps and a robust API, Slack has endless use cases to help teams of all shapes and sizes streamline work and automate mundane tasks.

So what does it take to design a demand gen engine that fuels Slack’s impressive growth? Julie advocates that delivering an integrated experience across the entire funnel is a fundamental key to success. Tune in to Julie’s episode to hear how she built Slack’s demand gen team from scratch and more, including:

Want to skip ahead to the highlights? Check out these cant-miss moments:

Episode Highlights

(1:49) How Julie Got Started in Demand Gen:

(5:09) Julie’s Demand Gen Fundamentals:

(6:27) Slack’s Marketing Team Structure:

  1. Demand Gen
  2. International Marketing
  3. Brand & Creative
  4. PR & Communications
  5. Product Marketing
  6. Marketing Operations

(13:11) How Julie Uses Events to Amplify Demand Gen:

(19:21) Julie’s 3 Uncuttable Budget Items:

(22:22) How Julie Measures the “Brand Engine”:

(27:25) Julie’s Most Memorable Campaign Success:

(29:35) Julie’s Most Memorable Campaign Learning:

(31:05) How Julie Develops Relationships with Sales:

(32:54) Where Slack’s Website Fits into Julie’s Demand Gen Strategy:

(34:36) The Dust-Up:

(38:32) Quick Hits: Getting to Know Julie:

Episode Quotes

“We used to call it ‘lead gen’, and that very much reflected what it was, which was marketing throwing leads over the wall. Then a few weeks later yelling at sales that they hadn't followed up, and sales yelling at marketing that the leads are no good. Demand gen is really about being smarter about the entire funnel.”
“My brand budget is very sacred. Brand is pretty binary. You invest in it or you don't. Cutting it 30% or 50% and there's diminishing returns. There’s a threshold you have to invest in. We're serious about doing that in a very targeted way. It all aligns to our sales targets and we're focusing on cities and areas where we really want to have the most expansion.”
“As a marketer, if you don't see a huge part of your job as building a partnership with sales—investing time with them, getting feedback, doing an iterative planning process—then you're not doing marketing right.”

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Posted on
September 3, 2020
Megan Guy

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