5 Conversational Marketing Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner! Although you may be taking time off for the holidays, you’ll still be getting traffic to your corporate website and you’ll want to make sure that every visitor has a smooth experience with your Chatbots and Live Chat interactions. Before you take off, make sure your Conversational Marketing program is in good shape. Here are 5 Conversational Marketing tips to keep in mind this holiday season. ❄️☃️

1. Create Seasonal Content. Conversational Marketing is a great opportunity to show some personality and cheer on your website. Here are some ideas: 

Use seasonal greetings, images, and GIFs in your Conversational Marketing program
Spread holiday cheer with seasonal greetings, images, and GIFs

2. Lean into Chatbots for 24x7 Coverage. Chatbots are fantastic for engaging with website visitors around the clock. You can use Chatbots to surface content, ask qualification questions, capture leads, or book meetings. If you have a human-centric Conversational Marketing program, consider relying more heavily on Chatbots during the holiday season to engage and convert visitors while your sales reps are out of the office.

3. Update your calendars! Meeting bookers are one of the most powerful features of any Conversational Marketing platform, allowing qualified visitors and target accounts to book meetings with your sales reps. Make sure your sales team has updated their calendars to accurately reflect when they will be in and out of the office. It would be a poor experience and hurt a deal if an important prospect booked a discovery call with a sales rep when they were going to be out on the slopes. 🏂

Update your calendars to ensure smooth meeting scheduling

4. Set up Shortcuts: If you’re going to have minimal sales rep coverage over the holidays, set up team-wide shortcuts for optimal knowledge sharing and increased rep efficiency. With shortcuts, reps are well equipped to answer new questions, quickly initiate conversations, or handle multiple conversations at once. Shortcuts will be especially helpful over the holidays if you are a consumer brand that expects a spike in website traffic.

5. Test before you go! Once you’ve adjusted your experiences, double check that everything is functioning as expected, including how the data is mapping back into Salesforce and Pardot. You want to head into the holidays confident that your Conversational Marketing experiences are buttoned up. 

Thanks for checking out our list of Conversational Marketing tips. Don’t forget to check it twice! Happy holidays from the Qualified team.

Posted on
December 13, 2019
Kimberly Powell

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