Announcing New Courses on Qualified University!

Today, we’re excited to announce nearly a dozen new courses on Qualified University designed to help you generate more pipeline for your business and grow your career.

Qualified University is your one-stop-shop for knowledgeable articles, weekly tips, sales plays and engaging videos, guides, and courses designed just for you.

Looking to learn how to drive more pipeline at your company? Become a Pipeline Visionary and take short bite-size courses on how today’s demand generation teams generate pipeline or how they (and you!) can bring the Pipeline Cloud to life.

Are you an SDR or BDR using Qualified at your company? Grow your career in sales and learn about the Pipeline Revolution and how to sell using conversations or the Qualified Pipeline Cloud by becoming a Qualified Sales Rep!

Love being behind the gear and implementing conversational sales and marketing, buyer intent signals or more at your company? Become a Qualified Administrator today and learn best practices for transitioning to conversational at your company, implementing Qualified Conversations or Qualified Signals and learn how to prove the ROI of your efforts.

Our success team does whatever it takes for our customers. Our new collection of courses expands on this promise by providing you with opportunities to earn and share your badge, proving that you know how to generate pipeline, implement conversational ABM, lead sales teams and more. 

Still trying to figure out if Qualified is right for you and your team? Our University is not limited to only our customers–it provides product and industry knowledge showing how we’re leading the industry and are the #1 pipeline generation platform that’s purpose-built for Salesforce.

More content arrives every week including sales plays of the week, courses for Sales Managers, more content around Conversational ABM and best practices for using Qualified.

Interested in learning more? Chat with our team below! 👇

Posted on
June 22, 2022
Tony Vaughn

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