How to communicate the value of the Pipeline Cloud

Communicating the ROI of your pipeline-generation program is instrumental to keeping your team aligned. Learn which reports and KPIs to use from our success team.

Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis
February 22, 2023
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The Pipeline Cloud is an integral part of your team’s overall pipeline strategy. You’re using Qualified to empower real-time conversations, understand who’s showing intent to evaluate and buy your products using Signals, and leveraging the power of Qualified Meetings to get the right people in the right conversations, right away.  

So, how do you know it’s working? 

It’s important to align internally on what success looks like with the Pipeline cloud, which is where your Qualified Success Architect comes in. Your QSA can help identify industry benchmarks, and work with you to make sure that you’re hitting your targets.

Every B2B sales organization is different, but a few things are important no matter what you’re selling: 

  • Create and convert leads (either through live chats or meeting booking)
  • Generate pipeline via opportunities opened
  • Close opportunities to convert revenue

Depending on the length of your sales cycle, it’s important to set KPIs for these major milestones, and measure success against them. This will help ensure that your pipeline program is aligned with your goals and driving success.

➡️ Which KPIs should you use to measure success? Check out this guide and hear from our Success Team on how to approach measuring and reporting on the success of your Pipeline Cloud program. 

When it comes time to review how Qualified is performing against these goals, there are tools right within Qualified to evaluate how the pipeline cloud is performing. Out of the box and custom dashboards can help measure how many visitors to your site are engaging in chats with bots and reps, booking meetings, and becoming leads. You can use this data to learn what works–and what doesn’t–in converting website visitors into qualified leads and work with your QSA to carry these learnings forward and optimize your program.

While Qualified reporting is great for understanding how Qualified Conversations are working to support your program, when it comes to pipeline and revenue, it’s best to look at reporting that lives in your source of truth–Salesforce. 

Your QSA can help you set up reports, or you can use our unmanaged package to create them automatically. Regularly monitoring how the Pipeline Cloud is influencing opportunities can provide clear ROI and value for the program.

➡️ Click here for the Top 4 reports you’ll want to run in Salesforce to get a better understanding of the ROI of your Pipeline Cloud program. 

Monitoring the health of your pipeline generation is key to seeing success. And while it’s important to work with your QSA to shore up any areas that are falling shy of your goals, it’s equally important to celebrate the successes your team sees. Being able to highlight the meetings, leads, and revenue that the Pipeline Cloud is bringing to your team lets everyone see the value and align on the future. 

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