Introducing the Qualified Smart Website

The all-new foundation of the Pipeline Cloud designed to dynamically update every conversion point on your website the moment a visitor arrives.

Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud
March 8, 2023
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The Qualified Smart Website is the all-new foundation of the Pipeline Cloud, allowing you to transform every form, button, link, and conversational experience on your website the moment a visitor arrives to create a hyper-personalized experience that converts web traffic into pipeline. Check out the demo video below to see it in action. 

Why is your website not smarter? 

When we founded Qualified 4 years ago, our goal was to supercharge pipeline by turning your most important asset, your website, into a conversion machine. The biggest problem? When you finally capture someone’s attention and they come to your website, they are getting served a one-size-fits-all static website. 

They see the same buttons, the same forms, the same links, the same content, the same chatbots… and it hurts conversions because buyers expect hyper-personalized experiences. So we asked ourselves, “Can we make the website smarter?” 

It starts with connecting your website to Salesforce

When you connect your website to Salesforce, and all of your other revenue systems like marketing automation and ABM platforms, you suddenly have crystal clear visibility into every single visitor who is on your site-who they are, what company they are with, past marketing activities, and where they are at in their buying journey. 

Once you know exactly who is visiting your site, you can now tailor a 1:1 personalized website experience for them optimized for conversion. 

Introducing the Qualified Smart Website 

Now that your website is connected to Salesforce and your entire tech stack, the Qualified Smart Website activates this gold mine of data to dynamically change every conversion point on your website to maximize pipeline generation–every button, every link, every form, and every conversational experience. 

Here’s how it works: 

The Smart Website Builder: The command center for your Smart Website. Visualize your website interface in real-time, then use point-and-click tools to design bespoke website experiences for each unique visitor. No code required! 

Smart Messenger:
Your Salesforce data is a goldmine–put it to use along with other integrations to seamlessly route visitors to the right reps for voice, video, or live chat conversations without ever leaving your website. When reps are offline, serve up relevant chatbot experiences optimized for conversion. 

Smart Forms: Use your web forms to automatically qualify inbound leads. When a website visitor submits a Smart Form and they’re deemed qualified, fast-track them to sales for a real-time conversation. If no reps are available, present them with meeting scheduling options.

Smart Buttons and Links: Dynamically update every single button and link on your website based on who your buyer is and where they are in their buyer journey. Trigger bespoke chatbot experiences, live conversations, or meeting bookers to fast-track VIP buyers into pipeline.

The smart website optimizes my entire site for conversion, enhancing the experience for each visitor and generating more pipeline for our team."

– Alex Mazza, Marketing Operations, Metadata.io

Want to learn more? 

The Qualified Smart Website is available to all Pipeline Cloud customers, with the Smart Website Builder going GA in late Q1. If you have questions and would like to learn more, we’re always ready to chat. 

Pop into that chat box and say hey 👋

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