What is the Pipeline Cloud?

Discover what the Pipeline Cloud is and how it can improve pipeline generation and identify more qualified leads.

Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
May 4, 2023
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What is the Pipeline Cloud?

The Pipeline Cloud is a revolutionary platform for increasing inbound lead conversion, turning your website into a pipeline-generating machine thanks to a suite of conversational, meeting scheduling, and intent capabilities. Simply put–it helps revenue teams generate more pipeline, faster. 

The Pipeline Cloud was born from a shift in buying behavior in the last few years. Almost overnight, sales cycles have left low-lit restaurants and board rooms and take place almost entirely virtually, creating an entirely new set of buyer expectations. With all of this change, pipeline generation strategies and tech stacks have to evolve to meet the buyer where they are and create meaningful engagements across your website. 

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What is pipeline generation?

Pipeline generation is essential for any business that relies on sales and marketing to drive revenue. When we use the term, we’re generally referring to B2B SaaS brands like our own business model. A healthy pipeline generation strategy includes tactics and tools to make sure that your sales teams always have a steady supply of qualified leads to sell to thanks to robust marketing campaigns designed to attract, nurture, and convert potential customers. 

At its most basic, pipeline generation is building a network of potential buyers by focusing on long-term relationships that create awareness, educate, and nurture buyers via engaging content. This content can be a targeted ad campaign, outbound marketing tactics like cold outreach email sequences, or social media–anything that helps make a buyer aware of the problem your product solves and drives them to your website as a qualified lead. 

Qualified initially started as a conversational marketing tool to help marketing and sales teams engage buyers in real-time, creating a better buyer experience when they arrived on the website. We knew from the outset that modern revenue teams needed modern tools to keep up with today’s buyers, and have since expanded our offering well beyond chatbots into meeting scheduling, intent data, and research data insights to create an incredible family of solutions that work together to supercharge every point of the pipeline generation process. 

📽️ ⬇️ Watch the Pipeline Cloud Keynote 

Why is pipeline generation important? 

Pipeline generation is vital to your business’s health in 3 key areas: 

  1. Understanding sales and marketing performance

One of the biggest benefits of pipeline generation is the insight you gain into your sales and marketing strategies. Because you’re tracking lead movement through a pipeline, you can identify areas that are performing well and areas that need some help. You can use this data to optimize your sales and marketing strategies and better understand your customers, resulting in better conversion rates and, ultimately, more revenue. 

  1. Improving sales forecasting

Tracking pipeline generation allows you to better predict future revenue and plan accordingly. All of this data you’re gathering is the perfect information to identify trends within your sales cycle so you can make more accurate forecasts and plan for future growth confidently. 

  1. Growing demand generation

Demand generation and pipeline generation are constantly feeding each other. A solid pipeline generation strategy means you’re generating a steady stream of high-quality leads, and if all goes well, you’re converting those leads into customers. Happy customers feed your content marketing pipeline, which in turn creates more awareness and interest. Those interested buyers then get nurtured into a lead, flowing right along into the sales pipeline. 

📺 ➡️ Watch our webinar, 5 Strategies for Generating More Pipeline with Less Budget here.

How does the Pipeline Cloud improve pipeline generation? 

The Pipeline Cloud is a suite of capabilities that turn your website into a pipeline-generating machine by connecting your Salesforce data to your website. This gives you crystal-clear visibility into who is on your site and allows you to engage your most important buyers at the exact moment they’re showing interest in talking to your sales team. 

By connecting your website to Salesforce, the Pipeline Cloud can: 

➡️ Open the door for real-time conversations via live chat, video, and voice calls with Qualified Conversations.

➡️ Cut out the back-and-forth email exchanges when your team isn’t available to chat and instantly schedule meetings in just a few clicks with Qualified Meetings.

➡️ Gather buying and research intent data and use a proprietary predictive AI model to let you know when your target accounts are heating up and in-market to buy  with Qualified Signals.

➡️ Help you craft hyper-targeted ads for your target accounts to fuel your ABM strategy and engage accounts with personalized messaging with Qualified for Advertising.

➡️ Accelerate your sales cycles with perfectly-timed outbound email sequences that drive your buyers back to your website and alert your team the moment they arrive with Qualified for Outbound.

➡️ Optimize every conversion point on your website by instantly personalizing  every button, link, form, and conversational experience for each unique buyer on your site with the Qualified Smart Website.

All of these processes come together seamlessly to create personalized visitor experiences that blow your buyers away, all while giving your team incredibly detailed visibility that allows you to make adjustments and optimize your website and pipeline generation strategy in real-time. These solutions maximize your pipeline at every stage, feeding highly-qualified leads to your sales team, and providing insights your revenue teams need to efficiently scale. 

The future of B2B marketing and sales is the Pipeline Cloud. See it in action for yourself, say hi to our team while you’re here 👋↘️

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