Breaking Down Department Silos

This episode features an interview with Matt Buren, VP of Sales and CX Operations at Bombora, the leading provider of intent data for B2B sales and marketing. Matt Buren is an experienced SaaS revenue operations & sales development leader. Before his promotion to Vice President of Sales and CX Operations in May, he was the Sr Director of GTM Operations. Prior to Bombora, he worked in sales and revenue growth at SheerID.

On this episode, Matt talks about avoiding department silos, the importance of being prescriptive, and his secret sauce for success in RevOps.

 Key Takeaways


It's not about reporting line. It's not about title. It's how do sales and marketing need to interact? And how can we improve those processes? The data management and hygiene processes and tools, like outreach. Maybe that's not somewhere where marketing lives, but we can be taking some of our marketing strategy and building it into those tools to help that alignment between sales and marketing. - Matt Buren
Posted on
June 15, 2022
Emma Calderon

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