Bridging the Gap between Paid Ads and Pipeline

Bridging the Gap between Paid Ads and Pipeline

ParDreamin' is a 3-day virtual conference focused on all things Pardot. 

Qualified Solutions Engineer, Jeff Ostenson, and Qualified Solution Architect, Jennifer Lynn Schneider served a master class on bridging the gap between paid ads and pipeline. Check out the highlights of the session below and head over to watch on Qualified+.

Session Highlights

Understand the buyer’s journey from ad placement through conversion. The below image shows how the buyer’s journey can be tracked directly in Salesforce and upleveled with a powerful Qualified Experience. 

Tune into a live example of Qualified Experience management. Based on the ads that you’ve placed, you can serve up experiences that immediately engage your traffic on Pardot landing pages or your corporate website. Qualified enables you to seamlessly sync activity, empowering sales to understand a buyer’s website engagement, ultimately indicating buying intent. Open the door for your qualified prospects to meet with sales, instantly.

The power of Qualified Xforce and Pardot is unmatched. With Qualified for Salesforce Pardot on your website, you can identify qualified leads 24/7 based on the rules that matter to you (like your target customer, campaigns, or lead score).

Qualified Xforce powers the ultimate customer experience by leveraging a bottoms-up approach that traverses each customer’s unique Salesforce Sales Cloud model, and leverages hundreds of thousands of data points to drive intelligent conversational programs, right on your Pardot landing page or website.

Thanks for another great event, ParDreamin’ team!

Posted on
November 12, 2021
Emma Calderon

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