Creating a $2.2B Revenue Intelligence Powerhouse

In this episode, we’re joined by Udi Ledergor, CMO at Gong. Udi discusses the synergy between Gong’s demand gen efforts and brand plays, and lays out the content strategy that he uses to drive inbound and outbound motions that have created thousands of MQLs every month for a $2.2B B2B powerhouse. 

Tune in to this episode to hear Udi’s philosophy on today’s changing demand gen landscape, including:

Udi Ledergor, CMO of Gong, joins the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast to share the content strategy Gong uses to drive demand gen for a $2.2B B2B powerhouse

Want to skip ahead to the highlights? Check out these can’t-miss moments:

Episode Highlights

(4:00) Udi’s Demand Gen Strategy

(6:12) Gong’s Marketing Team Structure

(16:56) Udi’s Uncuttable Demand Gen Budget Items

(22:17) Building a Successful Content Engine

(29:14) Gong’s Website Strategy

(30:46) Udi’s Most Memorable Demand Gen Campaigns

(36:22) Udi’s Philosophy on ABM

(37:38) Connecting Offline and Online Experiences

(39:19) Quick Hits: Getting to Know Udi

Episode Quotes

“The biggest mistake that brands make is they start with what they want to say rather than what their prospects or customers want to hear. By starting from the customer side and working back, you can give them what they want in a way that also serves your brand.”
“99% of our content takes less than five minutes to consume. We’ve found that with today's attention span, especially of busy executives, that type of content is hugely popular. If you're going to create a 40-page ebook like we did 10 years ago in content marketing, the only ones likely to read it are your competitors.”
“LinkedIn is my cheapest demand gen channel. We can get thousands of downloads in a day and that doesn't cost me a dime. It’s completely organic. That's why I love this channel. I know that the people are there because they want to be, I'm not chasing them. I could not live without that channel.”
“Become best friends with your CRO or VP of Sales. You have to put your ego aside and understand that you are there to make sales easier. You can't build the right demand gen machine if you don't understand exactly what your sales team needs. If you manage to make sales’ lives easier, you will have built a successful demand gen machine. It’s that simple.”

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Posted on
September 29, 2020
Megan Guy

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