Cultivating an Innovative Marketing Strategy

This episode features an interview with Jen Dimas, CMO of Gigster. For more than 20 years, Jen has led marketing teams at high-growth enterprise software companies like Plex, Demandbase, Egnyte, Polycom and Hyperion.

In the episode, Jen dives into the ever-changing landscape of demand gen strategy, highlighting the importance of understanding and adapting to the needs of the moment. She also emphasizes the importance of a tight partnership between sales and marketing, and explains how to go about cultivating it.

Tune in to the episode to hear Jen reveal her demand gen strategies, including:

Jen Dimas, CMO of Gigster, joins the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast

Want to skip ahead to the highlights? Check out these can’t-miss moments:

Episode Highlights

(1:44) Moving from Marketing Ops to Demand Gen

(4:08) How Jen Approaches Demand Gen Strategy

(5:24) How Jen Structures a Marketing Team

(10:39) Gigster’s Strategy for Engaging a Buying Committee

(17:02) How to Cultivate a Great Sales-Marketing Relationship

(18:24) Creating Demand for Gigster’s Talent Network

(21:35) Jen’s Three Uncuttable Budget Items

(24:42) Launching New Corporate Positioning

(27:35) Jen’s Favorite Demand Gen Campaign

(29:38) Jen’s Biggest Learning Campaign

(31:47) Why Jen Co-Founded Women in Revenue

(33:55) Marketing Trends Jen is Most Excited About

(37:31) Quick Hits: Getting to Know Jen

Episode Quotes

“As in all things marketing, ‘it depends’ is always the answer. There's not a demand gen strategy that is consistently applied that would make any sense. You have to understand your situation and adapt to whatever the needs are and the resources available in that moment.”
“I need to partner tightly with sales. I just don't believe that sales and marketing exist as separate functions from each other. They're all connected and a part of driving customer value and bookings and revenue...That relationship with the head of sales, next to my relationship with my boss, is my most primary relationship at work. It's something that has to be strong so that we're doing the best job we can for the company.”
“You need to have enough trust in the relationship of the executive team that you can have healthy conflict. That is the goal of having a healthy executive team. When there is conflict, I always consider it a sign of health, as long as it's respectful conflict and you're saying things in the best interest of the business, even things that are hard, that's the goal, right? You want to have a conversation where you can say hard things.”
“Your website is your always-on front door, and that needs to reflect your corporate positioning–what is your value to prospects and customers–but it also needs to engage folks from a demand perspective and speak to investors and potential employees, so it’s very, very important.”
“Do not try to make decisions about change in a vacuum. Leverage your community. Talk to marketers who've made the same kinds of decisions or faced the same challenges. Talk to salespeople who have struggled. Leverage people with experience because they're out there, and there's no need to reinvent things that have worked and a lot can be learned from other people's successes and mistakes.”

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Posted on
November 10, 2020
Megan Guy

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