From Employee 11 to $600M in Revenue

Alex Rosemblat has over fifteen years of enterprise software experience, including leadership roles at Symantec and Dell. He has spent the last 8+ years at DataDog, and helped lead the company to its successful IPO in 2019.

Tune in to the episode to hear Alex discuss:

Episode Quotes

“To make an event that drives pipeline, I think the most important thing is to define your audience as narrowly as possible. If you were to say ‘this is going to be an event tailored for X kind of person,’ that's probably not enough. It's got to be X kind of person that works on Y kind of systems that is really concerned about Z kind of things. You really need to get as tailored as you can.”
“Getting a great demand gen person that knows Google ad words like the back of their hand should be an early hire for any marketing team that’s doing B2B marketing.”
“Something that we’ve done really well at Datadog: once we find a formula that works—even if it’s at a very small scale—then the challenge on us as a marketing team is to figure out how to keep repeating it or doing it in a bigger way until we hit a ceiling where you can’t do any more of it.”
“I think if you were to take a look under the covers, we really do marketing by a thousand cuts. We have a lot of campaigns that do really small numbers, but they’re good numbers or the quality of them is good. So we keep on layering more small campaigns...and that’s how we end up delivering a very good set of leads for our sales team.”
“The worst thing you can do is keep on trying to push something that's just not working up the hill and expending effort on it. Because there might be a lot of other campaigns that actually will work. And the effort that you're putting on this thing that you can't ever seem to get to work might be better spent in other places.” 

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Posted on
June 16, 2021
Emma Calderon

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