Future of Selling with AI

The Future of Selling with AI

Signals is Qualified third product launch this year—and we’re doubling down on AI. 

According to Sales Hacker, 90% of leaders who use AI say they already are or are planning to use AI for sales. Signals AI Predictive Model uses a number of variables from the website: mouse movement, clicks, scroll depth, page views, time on site, chatbot engagement, live chat, voice calls, meetings booked, frequency and recency of visits, and visitor count, to predict an account’s propensity to buy.

Account based experiences are critical to our new world of digital-first selling, and Signals decodes account-based buyer intent that’s purpose-built for Salesforce customers. It surfaces buying intent behavior from target accounts the moment they arrive on your website; Signals collects hundreds of thousands of website data points to assess which accounts are 'on the hunt' and ready to chat with sales. Signals also creates a temperature from the Signals Heat Index; a measurement scale that quantifies an account’s purchase intent. Temperatures go up and down in real time, empowering sales reps to focus their efforts where it matters most.

Signals leverages AI to maximize sales reps’ efforts through a variety of additional features:

To learn more about Signals, watch our product demo here. Questions? Come on by—we’re always ready to chat!

Posted on
November 4, 2021
Emma Calderon

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