How $1B Tech Unicorn ThoughtSpot Increased Sales Conversations by 10X

Search & AI-driven analytics company ThoughtSpot has been called a Silicon Valley unicorn, a title given to an elite group of startups valued at over $1B. They serve some of the world’s biggest brands, including Chevron, Petco, and De Beers. Given their large enterprise ABM strategy and big deal sizes, they need to focus their sales attention on the right buyers.

ThoughtSpot was excited about opening up conversational marketing as a new pipeline channel for their sales team. They needed to build a program that was scalable, efficient, and well-integrated with their existing technology stack, including Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Pardot.

ThoughtSpot selected Qualified’s conversational marketing solution to connect with their sales-ready prospects and convert more leads. We just published our ThoughtSpot Case Study that dives into their full customer story. Here are the highlights:

ThoughtSpot Fast Tracks Qualified Visitors to Live Sales Conversations

ThoughtSpot has identified a segment of website visitors that are qualified, or sales-ready. These are visitors who engage with ABM campaigns, explore high-converting webpages, or fall into a certain job title segment. And because ThoughtSpot uses Qualified for Salesforce Pardot, they can use Pardot prospect data to fuel their qualification engine.

If a website visitor meets their qualification criteria, a magic door automatically opens for the qualified prospect and sales rep to engage in real time. They can chat, screen-share, and hop on the phone, facilitating a high-fidelity sales conversation right on the ThoughtSpot website.

When qualified prospects land on ThoughtSpot's website, a magic door opens for real-time sales conversations

Sales Reps are Having More Conversations and Booking More Meetings

Since launching Qualified, ThoughtSpot has seen a huge business impact:

Both Marketing and Sales are Thrilled with the Results

Conversational Marketing helps bridge the marketing and sales divide. Now, marketing has confidence that their hard-earned, valuable prospects are receiving proper sales attention and converting at a healthy rate.

On the flip side, sales is given more at-bats and more opportunities to close business. It's a win-win.

Want to read the full customer story? Check out our ThoughtSpot Case Study.

Posted on
July 18, 2019
Maura Rivera

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