How Tenable Captured the Fortune 500 Market

On the most recent episode of the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast, we hosted Melton Littlepage, SVP of Marketing for Tenable.

Tenable helps companies understand and reduce their cyber risk. Their customers include more than 50 percent of the Fortune 500, more than 30 percent of the Global 2000, and large government agencies. In order to help businesses of that caliber minimize exposure to cyber threats, it’s no surprise that Tenable’s demand gen engine is purposefully built on a foundation of trust and buyer empathy.

Melton Littlepage guest speaker on Demand Gen Visionaries Podcast

Tune in to the episode to hear Melton shed light on why he believes solution-based marketing is paramount to demand gen success, including:

Want to skip ahead to the highlights? Check out these can’t-miss moments:

Episode Highlights

(6:16) Why Buyer Empathy is Fundamental to Being an SVP of Marketing

(9:22) Tenable’s Demand Gen Team Composition

(17:39) Combining Account-Based Marketing and Field Marketing into a Power Duo

(21:03) Building Trust is Paramount in a High-Stakes Industry

(30:01) The Website is a Place to Build Loyalty

(34:35) Melton’s Uncuttable Demand Gen Budget Items

(43:56) A Big Sales-Marketing Alignment Lesson

(46:56) Quick Hits: Getting to Know Melton

Episode Quotes

“Being a VP of marketing is like being the VP of helping the customer solve a problem. We have a lot of internal processes and KPIs and metrics—and all that's really important—but our job is really to understand our buyer and understand what they're up against.”
“[Our customer] is not looking to buy a product, they're looking to solve a problem. We need to jump in there and help them solve the problem. That's how they're going to end up buying the product. It doesn't come the other way around.”
“We've built a demand gen organization that is dedicated to reaching our target persona and changing their mind. That’s it in a nutshell.”
“We start with the buyer and the problems they have in their day-to-day world. We try to help them understand that there is a better way to do what they do. We hold their hand through the process of learning how it could apply in their organization and what the potential benefit is. And then, in an ideal world, we start a conversation with them. If we can do that, we've succeeded in our role as marketing. If we can't do that, then all the KPIs, processes, tech– it just doesn't matter.”

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Posted on
September 16, 2020
Megan Guy

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