Introducing Qualified ABM

We just launched an absolute game-changer: Qualified ABM. This brand new Conversational Marketing solution helps your sales teams meet with target accounts the moment they land on your website. Because isn’t that what every salesperson wants... more meetings with their top accounts? 

Know the moment your target account lands on your site and meet with them instantly

B2B Companies are Embracing Account-Centric Strategies

There’s no doubt about it, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is here to stay. The SiriusDecision State of ABM Study shows that companies who invest in ABM see a 24% faster growth in revenue and 91% larger deal sizes

As a B2B company, you’re assembling a comprehensive ABM strategy designed to identify and engage target accounts. You’re building out and segmenting lists, deploying targeted marketing campaigns, and activating your sales team around this new account-centric strategy.

When your ABM campaigns perform—when you finally get a target account on the hook and to your website—do you really want to ask them to fill out a form and tell them “We’ll get back to you later”? 

It's time to rethink your sales strategy for target accounts

Greet VIPs by Name and Close More Deals with Qualified ABM 

With Qualified ABM you can capitalize on that brief moment where your product is top of mind for your target account and expand a casual website visit into a real selling opportunity. 

So how does it work? 

Instant Alerts: Since Qualified is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and Pardot, which are the source of truth for your target account data, we’ll tell you the moment a target account lands on your site.

360° Account View: All the information you need about a website visitor at your fingertips. Sales reps have a complete picture of all target account data, fueled by Salesforce, Pardot, and Clearbit, shaping hyper-personalized sales conversations that set you apart from the competition.

Advanced Routing: Immediately route visitors to their designated owner in Salesforce or Pardot, or set up custom routing rules.

Bots and Meeting Bookers: Engage with your target accounts, even if you're offline. Use Bots to book meetings with your sales team around the clock.

Full Website Reporting: See every contact from your target accounts that have ever browsed your website. Replay their browsing session and see exactly how they engaged. Then prioritize these accounts for immediate followup.

Innovative companies are using Qualified ABM and seeing an immediate business impact. 

Ready to meet with your target accounts? 

Qualified ABM is available now for Enterprise plans. Have questions? Contact your Customer Success Manager or talk with us live, right here on our website.

Posted on
November 14, 2019
Kraig Swensrud

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