JAE Selects Qualified to Power ABM Strategy

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that JAE Electronics, Inc. (JAE), a leading electronic connectors manufacturer, has selected Qualified as its conversational sales and marketing solution. This partnership represents a new era of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) at JAE, where sales teams can now turn website visits from target accounts into instant selling opportunities; ultimately generating more meetings, driving more pipeline, and closing more deals.

JAE designs, manufactures, and markets electronic connectors for a wide variety of applications, including wearables, handheld devices, AR/VR goggles, medical devices, vehicles and more. Their constant innovation has been globally recognized by Thomson Reuters with the “Top 100 Global Innovators Award” and a Technology & Engineering Emmy® for their role developing the HDMI connector and cable.

JAE recognizes the value of an ABM strategy to focus their sales and marketing teams on exactly the right accounts. As they pivot to this new approach, they anticipate even more high-quality traffic to their website. These insights and tools are needed to meaningfully engage with all high-value buyers and engineers on their site; reducing the chances of missing critical selling opportunities, pipeline, and revenue.

With Qualified, JAE will have an intelligent sales solution to instantly identify target accounts and route them to the right rep, at the right time. JAE will then be able to strike up personalized conversations with VIPs and seamlessly transition to voice calls and meetings. With automated Qualified Chatbots, JAE will also be able to scale their strategy and keep deals moving forward, even during off hours. This delivers a “wow” experience to their most valuable customers.

We’re so excited about this partnership and look forward to seeing JAE grow their business. And, of course, our unrivaled Customer Success team will be there every step of the way to guarantee their success. Interested in learning how Qualified can help your business? Read how Korn Ferry increased conversions by 60% or how Granicus increased marketing qualified leads by 40% with Qualified. Or, see us in action by chatting with us live on the Qualified website at any time.

Posted on
September 16, 2021
Jessica Ding

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