Podcast: How ThoughtSpot Became a $2 Billion Unicorn in 5 years

On this week’s episode of the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast, we hung out in the studio with Scott Holden.

Scott is the Chief Marketing Officer of ThoughtSpot, a BI and Analytics company with a $2B valuation and unique “Silicon Valley Unicorn” status. ThoughtSpot aims to make analytics easy and accessible by arming employees with the tools to access, understand, and report on key business insights. With ThoughtSpot, finding the metrics you’re looking for is as easy as typing into a Google search bar or using your favorite app. Before his role at ThoughtSpot, Scott spent nearly a decade leading marketing teams at Salesforce, and prior to that was at Walmart.com. Needless to say, Scott is a seasoned marketer and demand generation pro. 

During Scott’s episode, he hammers in the importance of filling your pipeline and knowing your numbers. Plus, he breaks down:

Thank you Scott, for stopping by the Qualified.com studio for our premiere episode of Demand Gen Visionaries. We hope you all enjoy learning from this pro!

Episode Highlights

07:25 – All About ABM 🎯

13:00 – ThoughtSpot on ThoughtSpot

20:00 – If It’s Not in Salesforce, It Didn’t Happen

22:15 – Scott’s Demand Gen Playbook

24:40 – ThoughtSpot’s First Brand Campaign

25:40 – Scott’s Take on Virtual Events

34:20 – The Website: Prioritizing Storytelling and Real-time Engagement

40:30 – Getting to Know Scott

Episode Quotes:

“If you’re not thinking about demand gen as a CMO, what else is there?” 
“The number one job for a marketing leader is pipeline creation. If I'm not hitting my pipeline target for the sales team, nothing else matters. Plus, it buys you the right to do the fun stuff.” 
“We've got hundreds of campaigns running at any given point of time. Marketing these days is an all out, guns blazing affair.”
“Segmentation strategy is critical, but it just doesn’t fly at all if you don’t have sales bought in. If they’re not ready to segment accounts, and narrow the focus to a reasonable level, then it won’t work.”
“It’s the golden age of data. In particular, being able to pull data from nontraditional sources together and analyze quickly across them is crucial.”
"Now with Conversational Marketing, when a fortune 100 company is on our site, we know about it immediately.” 

Ready to hear from more Demand Gen Visionaries? You can find all episodes here.

Demand Gen Visionaries Podcast
Posted on
July 22, 2020
Maura Rivera

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