Qualified Experiences: A Tool for Digital Marketers

Qualified on Qualified: Experiences—A Dream Tool for Digital Marketers

My colleagues might say I sound like a broken record when talking about Search Engine Marketing.

That’s because, no matter the objective, network, or assets, there’s always one overarching component that makes or breaks your SEM programs – alignment.

“Alignment is the key to success in SEM.” I’ve been told I say it in my sleep.

But this statement could not be truer.

A successful SEM program is dependent on the alignment between users’ search intent (what they’re actually looking for), ad messaging (what they’re reading), and the content of your landing page (what you can offer them). Keeping these touch points consistent and relevant to what your prospects are searching for will not only reduce costs and increase engagement, but, most importantly, also delivers real value to those interested in learning more about what your business offers.

How do we ensure alignment, though? Sure, we can build target keyword groups and themes and write dozens of ad copy variations to support them. But how do we control the experience these prospects receive once they click through to our sites?

Enter: Qualified Experiences.

Qualified Experiences is a standard feature in the Qualified product that allows your team to build custom chat experiences with real-time website visitors. Most importantly, Qualified Experiences can be set to fire based on traffic sources, channels, and many other custom UTM fields. This allows marketers to ensure their paid traffic visitors are receiving experiences hyper-focused on their intent the exact moment they land on their sites.

Qualified Experiences is no less than a dream tool for the modern digital marketer.

Here’s are my top five favorite uses for Qualified Experiences for SEM:

Alignment between a prospect’s buying intent and your content is a factor in the success of any marketing program, but it’s a necessity in the modern digital marketing journey.

Qualified Experiences is a much-welcomed replacement for cumbersome landing page builders and content creators, giving marketers beginning-to-end control over their prospects’ digital journeys.

Want to see Qualified in action? Chat with us in the Experience in the bottom-right corner!

Posted on
August 27, 2021
Nick Duke

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