How Qualified Supports the New Digital Journey

How Qualified Supports the New Digital Journey

My path to Qualified mirrors many. My previous team had a problem and Qualified solved it.

As a revenue-focused digital marketer, my job, first and foremost, is to capture and convert the most valuable prospects’ interest into action as fast as computably (read: humanly) possible. There are many ways to craft an effective digital journey. Some of those ways have been drilled into us as “best practices,” and “foundational tactics,” but the ways of the past no longer guide the future.

The digital-first, post-pandemic world we operate in today highlights the need for an agile and high-velocity web strategy. Those ill-positioned to compete in our new business world face the challenge of maintaining their traditional revenue streams while pivoting their strategies to include now required non-traditional digital tactics.

But the biggest challenges presented in the new digital journey are not specific to one industry, demographic, or channel. The biggest challenges, in fact, are very straightforward. See them outlined below:

The solutions to these challenges are simpler than you may think. It is not rocket science - demand marketers need to prevent people from losing interest. We can no longer rely on automated lead scoring and email nurtures. Our first and last conversion point can no longer be form fills, because we probably won’t “get back to you shortly!”

How do we quickly identify, engage, and convert prospects that are interested in our products? The answer to this question will always bring you back to one place – your website.

Think of your website like a spider web. Flies come and go. But sometimes one sticks, and the vibrations it creates cannot be ignored. This is the spider’s signal to pounce.

Flies, in this analogy, are your website visitors. The “sticking” point is your pricing page, and Qualified powers the vibration signals.

Qualified leverages your existing Salesforce data, and multiple industry leading data enrichment sources to paint a full picture of who’s on your website and, more importantly, if you should care. Through custom built alerts, your sales team is alerted in real-time about high-value visitors based on their firmographics and demographics, targeted account data, industries, and many other attributes.

Simply put, Qualified transforms your website from a passive, inbound form fill collection app to a proactive, data rich, and real time sales tool, allowing you to craft personalized messages and engage 1-on-1 with your highest-value, highest-intent website visitors instantly.

The new digital journey is one of efficiency. Success depends on how effectively you can cut through the noise and distractions of our digital-heavy world, and how quickly you can address your prospects’ needs and offer them a solution. Qualified is the essence of the new digital journey.

The value of Qualified to a demand marketer is obvious. When sales wins, we win. Qualified helps marketing and sales teams win. Together.

Want to see Qualified in action? Chat with us--we're ready and waiting for you.

Posted on
July 23, 2021
Nick Duke

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