Redefining Shared Experiences

Redefining Shared Experiences

This episode features an interview with Anthony Kennada, CMO, Hopin.

On this episode, Anthony takes us behind the scenes on Hopin’s explosive growth, how he’s redefining webinars, and why he believes every company needs to start acting like a media company.

Key Takeaways

““The word webinar sort of evolved into a way for us to not say the word event and basically get away with lower production. And basically, what we've figured out is one, the bar to produce great high quality content is much lower now because of, again, products like Hopin. But also the consumer expectation is around entertainment. It's no longer around the crappy slide by slide, whatever our brains can't handle more information. So we're naturally biased towards the most engaging, entertaining and fulfilling types of content. And so it's almost got a bad brand reputation, that word webinar, but really it's an event. It's an experience. And it's a shared one. It's not just one person talking to another person, but you're talking to a room, a group, or a community of people that are gathered there to hear you.”
“Brand is the statement of why an audience should pay attention to your company. What do you stand for? What is the change you want to see in the world and how do you really leverage it through your different marketing channels? People buy things emotionally. And so if you can build an emotive brand, that could be the biggest demand gen tailwind you can possibly come up with and a very scalable and sustainable one too.”
“Every company needs to start acting like a media company or risk going out of business, pure, plain and simple. And when the cookie-less future that we're all staring down comes to light, the companies that survive are the ones that caught this early and were able to start investing in building their own content moat around the business.”

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Posted on
November 24, 2021
Emma Calderon

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