Replacing Anecdotes with Data

This episode features an interview with Mark Shockley, Head of Revenue Operations at Embrace: the first and only observability and data platform built for mobile. Mark is an experienced revenue operations professional with a background in quantitative research. Prior to Embrace, Mark was an operations analyst at Interactions LLC, Sailpoint, and Ten-X.

On this episode, Mark talks about being the sole RevOps team member at his startup, and how he collaborates with sales and marketing teams.

 Key Takeaways


“If it's not in Salesforce, it doesn't exist. Salesforce is the record of truth, and we want it to be the record of truth. But this requires a few things. It requires reps to input information. But we also don't want to burden the reps at the same time. And we want to be able to ensure that the information that we're leveraging can be useful and beneficial to us.” - Mark Shockley
Posted on
June 29, 2022
Emma Calderon

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