Balancing Data and Gut Instincts

This episode features an interview with Sean Hiss, Senior Director of Go-to-Market Operations at Weka: a venture-backed data platform for AI. Sean is an expert in go-to-market strategy and revenue marketing, having previously held multiple senior leadership roles at technology and data powerhouses like Cisco Systems, Equinix, Datastax, and Hitachi Vantara.

On this episode, Sean talks about prioritizing efficiently during growth, what he thinks are important qualities in GTM teams, and how he balances data driven decisions with gut instincts. 

 Key Takeaways


“I think fundamentally, most of us who go into operations, we do it because we're helpers and doers. I think my whole team is this way. And I would imagine that most of our industry is like this ‘we before me’ kind of a scenario.” - Sean Hiss
Posted on
June 1, 2022
Emma Calderon

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