Scaling Demand Generation to Build the Next Unicorn

In this episode, we’re joined by Jamie Grenney, CMO at OwnBackup. Jamie discusses how he approaches demand generation as a means to scale four core engines: inbound pipeline, outbound-sourced BDR pipeline, AE-sourced pipeline, and partnerships. He dives into the death of cold outreach, the right way to make impactful video, how to cultivate a great sales and marketing relationship, and much more.

Jamie Grenney joins the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast to discuss how he's scaling demand gen to build the next unicorn at OwnBackup

Tune in to the episode to hear Jamie share insights on:

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Episode Highlights

(1:55) Jamie’s First Job in Demand Gen

(5:13) Jamie’s Demand Gen Strategy

(9:51) OwnBackup’s Persona & Vertical Strategy

(20:03) Jamie’s Uncuttable Demand Gen Budget Items

(22:03) How to Make Video an Effective Demand Gen Strategy

(30:07) Cold Outreach is Dead

(32:11) How Jamie Measures Marketing Program Success

(33:34) Jamie’s Most Memorable Demand Gen Campaigns

(39:08) How Jamie Develops Relationships with Sales

(41:13) Jamie’s “Dust Up”

(43:54) Quick Hits: Getting to Know Jamie

Episode Quotes

“Inbound pipeline, outbound BDR-sourced pipeline, AE-sourced pipeline, and your partners. Those are the four engines you want to think about. How do you build those for scale, how do you measure them, and how do you grow them 5 or 10X. Think about those engines, and what you can do to increase their respective productivity.”
“One challenge that some companies have is they have a product that is not verticalized, but they go after vertical messaging. It can take a ton of time and energy to maintain a bunch of vertical messaging. When you go into verticals, you've got to think ‘what is the vertical and how am I going to solve that problem all the way through?’”
“Conversational marketing is an uncuttable [budget item] because I think it's the future of how we engage our prospects and customers. It’s less about forms and more about getting them to the right person who can help. It's about improving the quality of conversation, and it's about making sure that you make the connection in real time.”
“One thing that I see fading away is cold outreach. Every company has a pipeline gap to fill, but cold outreach makes no sense at all. Generally, cold outreach is expensive, inefficient, stressful, and it often yields disappointing results. These days, if you're a high-value prospect, you're bombarded with unsolicited calls and emails and advertisements that you're going to tune out. So marketers really need to figure this out.”
“Sometimes you have to relax your ideals to earn trust. You have to put yourself in [sales’] shoes. Understand that it's more important to be effective than to be right. A really good lesson in bridging the sales and marketing divide is to think about what is the right pace to introduce things to sales and how do you build trust in those relationships.

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Posted on
October 13, 2020
Megan Guy

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