Taking Risks to be a Signal in the Noise

This episode features an interview with Susan Beermann, CMO of NAVEX Global

On this episode, Susan delves into how she uses her mantra, ‘think global’ as a way to guide her teams, why she believes her website is her number one salesperson, and why marketers need to take more risks in a noisy world.

Susan’s Key Takeaways::

“It's noisy out there and creativity can be the difference between people paying attention to you and not paying attention to you. So I think we have to take some risks as marketers to stand out and be a little bit different and not all look the same and play it safe.”
“I refer to our website as our number one salesperson, as it does generate the most leads. And it certainly helps educate people on what we have to offer and the value that we bring.”
“One of our mantras is ‘global first’. So anytime we develop a campaign, whether it's initiated in our international office or initiated here in the states, we're guided by ‘think global.’ And so we think about how campaigns can be tweaked or adjusted to meet multiple markets. That was just a really big push this year in which our international demand gen has improved dramatically because I've got a much larger team here in the States who are now thinking about international. They're not just thinking about the United States.”
“If we get too hyper-focused in the weeds of our campaigns, we may lose sight of the bigger picture. You've got all these great stats in terms of maybe your campaign, KPIs, but if it's not really tightly aligned and relatable to those bigger business goals, you might fall short.”

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Posted on
October 13, 2021
Emma Calderon

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