The Marketing ROI You Never Knew You Needed

The Marketing Return on Investment You Never Knew You Needed

This episode features an interview with William Tyree, CMO, Revenue.io.

On this episode, William discusses the rebrand, the importance of rich media, and how to maximize ROI on a marketing investment. 

Key Takeaways:

“My philosophy has always been that you can't really do anything in marketing today and in B2B without just really stellar content. And so we put out podcasts, we do webinars, we sponsor events, all that. It's really about spending quality time talking about the challenges and opportunities that our core core customers face and trying to serve up research and insights that will help them.”
“That's why product marketers have to be really dynamic. Like what you were talking about in the backstory, understanding what motivates the people you're selling to, and who the persona is really, really important, especially in the beginning of that relationship. Where people are just becoming aware of your brand, they're becoming aware of what you might be able to do for them.”
“The first rule of [rebranding is to] throw out the playbook. The thing that is common that we did right was not rushing it in the early months. Because in the early months, it really should be a process where you're getting advice from people who have no idea who you are. And then also people who really know your company well, and really taking a hard look at that honest, candid feedback. That part is great. But the part that maybe is underemphasized is once you've made your decision — go fast. Because time becomes your enemy. Once you've decided that you're really sure on what you should be doing and all the components that go into that, the quicker that you can actually execute on that plan.” 
“Make a really good case for having your most experienced SDRs handling your inbound leads. That's going to make the biggest difference ever in terms of the return on your marketing investment.” 

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Posted on
November 3, 2021
Emma Calderon

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