The Conversational Marketing Checklist

Modern B2B sales and marketing teams have realized that the age-old process of having website visitors fill out a form and wait for sales to track them down is broken. Companies are seeing qualified prospects fall through the cracks and are missing out on quality sales conversations, and customers are exhausted by the buying experience. A study by Harvard Business Review reported that “65% of B2B customers said that they spent as much time as they’d expected to need for the entire purchase just getting ready to speak with a sales rep.” Yikes!

Enter Conversational Marketing. It’s completely transforming the way B2B companies sell by empowering sales reps to identify and engage with their hottest prospects and have real-time sales meetings right on their website. Since this world of Conversational Marketing is new, we’ve put together The Ultimate Conversational Marketing Checklist to help guide teams on how to roll out a seamless, effective Conversational Marketing Program. Check it out:

Step 1: Assemble Your Stakeholders

Step 2: Define success

            - Website Visitors
            - Qualified Visitors
            - Conversations
            - Leads Created
            - Opportunities Created
            - Pipeline Created
            - Opportunities Won

Step 3: Identify Your “Qualified” Visitors

            - Come from a high-spend marketing campaign
            - Explore a high-converting webpage, like your pricing page
            - Meet a certain set of criteria, like having a VP title or healthy Pardot grade
            - Are on your list of ABM Target Accounts

Step 4: Map Out the Visitor Experience

Step 5: Build Your Experiences

The finish line is in sight! Time to put on the final touches.

Step 6: Train your Sales Reps

Qualified.com ThoughtSpot Haley Romstad

Step 7: Launch!

Remember: Conversational Marketing is a living, breathing program at your company. You’ll learn things along the way, like which greetings generate the most engagement and which experiences convert at the highest rate. Take those learnings and fine-tune your Conversational Marketing approach so you’re getting the most out of this new way of selling. Good luck!

Posted on
June 14, 2019
Maura Rivera

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