Virtual Event Platform Welcome Chooses Qualified

We’re thrilled to announce that Welcome— the Webby Award-winning virtual and hybrid event platform that enables rich, digital-first events— has selected Qualified as its conversational sales and marketing platform. Our partnership ushers in a new era of customer experience in the event industry. 

Welcome is a privately-held, venture-backed company by Kleiner Perkins, Kapor Capital, WIN, and Y-Combinator. It’s a groundbreaking virtual event platform that enables customers to produce high-quality events, for internal and external audiences. As disruptors, they’re on a mission to connect, transport, and engage event attendees like never before.

Welcome’s platform allows brands to produce custom exhilarating experiences, focused on driving attendee engagement and delight. In a digital-first world, Welcome’s strategy lasers in on engaging event-forward brands that are looking to deliver unique, amazing experiences, without the overhead of expensive hotel rooms and plane tickets. 

With hybrid and remote events as the new norm, Welcome has experienced extreme volumes of website traffic in a short amount of time. Recognizing that the demand for virtual event platforms is critical for any marketing team’s strategy, Welcome needs a way to identify, prioritize, and engage with high-value visitors at the magic moment when their interest is piqued.

Enter Qualified. Welcome, a Salesforce customer, needs more insight into their website visitors, higher quality pipeline for their sellers, and to shorten sales cycles given the demand of remote and hybrid events as the pandemic wanes. 

Qualified identifies, prioritizes, segments, and routes web traffic instantly. The Qualified platform will enable  Welcome sales reps to engage with VIP visitors at the right time. In turn, prospects get the information they need, the details they want, and the next steps necessary to bring their events to life.

We’re excited to see how Welcome redefines the event space, delivering new, engaging and never-before-seen experiences on behalf of brands. Interested in learning more about Qualified and how we can boost your business? Come chat with us!

Posted on
July 30, 2021
Emma Calderon

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