Welcome to the Demand Gen Visionaries Podcast

Demand Generation is the engine of a B2B marketing machine. Because without demand, without pipeline, nothing else matters. It’s not always the flashiest of roles, but it’s one of the most critical functions in an organization. 

So as a marketing and demand gen leader, how do you keep up? How do you hit your pipeline numbers and keep your hungry sales team well-fed? What are the proven strategies and tactics? What are your peers doing, and what can you learn from them? 

These are the questions that keep marketers up at night. And these are the questions that led us to create our new podcast: Demand Gen Visionaries.

Every week, we’ll bring you new interviews with marketing and demand gen leaders from the world’s most innovative brands.

Rockstar marketing leaders will break down how they structure their teams, how they spend their money, which campaigns are tried and true, and which campaigns have fallen flat. You’ll walk away having learned from the best of the best, with a demand gen blueprint that you can lay out at your own organization to maximize pipeline and crush your numbers.

We've already hosted some of the world's leading B2B marketers in the Qualified studio for Demand Gen Visionaries.

Episode 01 - Scott Holden, CMO, ThoughtSpot

Scott Holden, CMO ThoughtSpot, stopped by the Qualified.com studio for an episode of Demand Gen Visionaries

Scott Holden, CMO at $2B Unicorn ThoughtSpot, shared which marketing channels he considers uncuttable and why he thinks Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the key to success in landing "Diamond Accounts." Scott notes that marketers perform all sorts of important functions, but if a marketer isn’t filling the pipeline, nothing else matters. On Scott's episode, he discusses how the first and most important duty of a demand gen marketer is to know their numbers, answer to them, and be able to explain why they are where they are. Because if you can measure, then you can manage and grow.

Episode 02 - Sara Varni, CMO, Twilio

Sara Varni, CMO at Twilio, stopped by the Qualified.com studio for an episode of Demand Gen Visionaries

Sara Varni, CMO at Twilio, broke down how she's building a well-oiled demand gen machine at one of the world's fastest growing technology companies. According to Sara, every marketer is a demand gen marketer in some respect, because success is all about performance. But that doesn’t mean that every marketer needs to be a “spreadsheet jockey.” On Sara's episode of Demand Gen Visionaries, Sara tells us why it’s important to combine the art and science of demand gen to fully master the art of B2B marketing.

Who's On Deck?

Demand Gen Visionaries Podcast: Hear from CMOs and Demand Gen Leaders at the World's Leading Brands

Check out Demand Gen Visionaries on Spotify or Apple, and tap subscribe. Every week, you’ll learn new secrets, tactics, and plays from some of the best demand gen pros in the world. Welcome to Demand Gen Visionaries. We hope you enjoy!

Posted on
July 14, 2020
Kraig Swensrud

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