What is Conversational ABM?

What is Conversational ABM?

Effectively targeting accounts strategically is imperative in the now digital-first world of selling. Take your account-based marketing strategy to the next level with conversational ABM. Power your teams to talk to your customers the moment they arrive on site. The result? Accelerated deals and more closed business. 

The concept of conversational ABM is simple: what if you could instantly connect your team with target accounts the moment they arrive on your site and have a live sales conversation? This strategy can transform a quick website visit into a full sales meeting with your VIP accounts.

Conversational ABM is just like baseball! You want to step up to the plate as many times as you can; the more at-bats you get, the better your chances of scoring. Might strike out or hit a foul ball, but inevitably you’re bound to hit that home run. Conversational ABM gives your sales team more at-bats.

Organizations like ThoughtSpot leverage conversational ABM to focus sellers on the right buyers. By implementing Qualified, ThoughtSpot is able to provide exceptional sales experiences when top-tier and diamond accounts land on their site. They’re also able to uncover new selling opportunities by connecting with website visitors who display buying intent but haven’t actually filled out a form—and, arguably most importantly, ThoughtSpot speeds up the sales cycle for qualified visitors who did submit a form.

Learn how ThoughtSpot’s strategy scores home run after home run for sellers on their customer story. Qualified helps your team knock it out of the park! 

Posted on
October 21, 2021
Emma Calderon

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