Why Marketing Teams Love Qualified

In the world of Marketing, we're flooded with new tools at an alarming rate. Not only are we expected to use them effectively, but also master the nuances of each.  Those that do are able to take their teams and companies to the next level. Too often we see the lack of resources for such a specialty in expertise, and we find ourselves saying––if only things could be more centralized.

Adding the fact that our prospect targets and channels we use to reach our potential buyers constantly change. Things like movement in leadership, company vision, and economic impact all create shifts with which we have to keep up. This dynamic creates a whirlwind of opportunity and chaos in even the most seasoned marketer. In part 3 of this 3-part series, we address these factors and focus on why marketing teams love Qualified.

Anyone that has worked with me in the past knows my absolute obsession with the campaign object in Salesforce Sales Cloud. As a lifetime marketer in the B2B space, I was fortunate to be exposed to a charcuterie board of Marketing Automation platforms, Content platforms, Digital integrations, Salesforce Sales Cloud and the evolution of the almighty website. Now of which is absolute front-and-center your lifeline to prospective buyers and customers in this digital-first world.

As we begin highlighting Qualified, I come back to the points I made earlier and how Qualified solves these scenarios. While there are a ton of specific marketing features our marketers gush over, I always preach to start with a strong foundation before we get distracted by shiny squirrels. 

The foundational principles we hear B2B Marketers struggle with most are the following:

Let's go through each one of these principles and showcase how Qualified can be a beacon of light, helping you become more successful, agile, and aligned with your business process, sales, and leadership initiatives.

1. Lack of Team Resources to Specialize Both Tactically and Strategically

Ever feel like you had the most hectic day? You're exhausted, yet you still can't check off any of the initiatives you set out for yourself this week? You are not alone. As a marketer, you are pulled in a slew of directions.

With Qualified dedicated QSA (Qualified Solution Architect) support, you just added a new team member to your staff! From building bespoke experiences on your website, to optimizing referral lead sources and reporting, your QSA is with you every step of the way and can help fast-track deadlines by completing the work for you, based on the direction and vision of your team.

We advise on best practices, industry standards and allow you to focus on your day-to-day.

In addition to tactical support, your QSA is a specialist in strategic guidance. Since we are all Salesforce Admin certified, and come with years of experience in the industry, we'll help connect the dots between operational process, platform tools, and your initiatives. 

2. Constant Prospect & Demand Gen Strategy Shifts Within the Organization

Ever feel like once you have your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)  or your company personas configured, everything shifts? It can take the wind out of your sails, setting your progress back while you realign efforts. 

Qualified is built to pivot and scale as you do. With the ability to respect Salesforce ownership, it is light years ahead of other tools in the industry. As you make realignment shifts internally to accounts, ownership, contact, or lead records, Qualified is updated simultaneously. 

Target accounts for ABM updated this quarter in Salesforce? No problem! With Qualified's Account List feature, the account criteria you define will pull in records from Salesforce as they are updated. Eliminate those time-consuming spreadsheets, and the entire import/export process, all the while keeping your data safe within Salesforce Sales Cloud.  

Bringing on specialty departments to handle unique use case requests, upcoming events or product announcements on the website? We got you! Qualified allows you to be nimble. Try out ideas with small pilot user groups and take advantage of A/B testing to understand what is working best in real time. 

Lastly, with Qualified Signals, your ABM strategy just got a level-up.

3. Complex Tech Stack and the Need for a Single Source of Truth for Reporting

It’s your weekly stand-up and you scramble to manually touch up metrics you put together every Friday before your weekend. You are beyond frustrated that you have so many systems that don’t talk to each other and tying any opportunity dollars to your efforts is a constant struggle. 

Qualified has lessened that struggle for 1000’s of marketers, and it's all accredited to the Qualified XForce Platform.

Purposely built for Salesforce Sales Cloud, this platform allows the backbone of Qualified Signals and Qualified Conversations to be layers unique to your tech stack. Imagine your Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement, Enrichment and ABM tools all talking to one platform. This information is then gathered, served up to you and to your sales team allowing you to enrich records in Salesforce and create bespoke experiences for individuals no matter the buying stage. 

Oh, and did I mention its connection with my favorite object in Sales Cloud, the campaign? Pretty amazing, and an integral part of your ROI reporting.  That is just the beginning. Take a look at our Xforce Product page to understand all the ways we utilize Sales Cloud and its wonders. 

When it comes to reporting, Qualified also has you covered.

While we have robust detailed and customizable reports and dashboards on the platform, we also push information into Salesforce Sales Cloud so you can connect your efforts to accounts and opportunities. No more manual presentations––Qualified checks that box for you and your team!

Global Economic & Market Change Adding Pressure to Website Evolution

Ahhh the website.

This little beast has kept Marketers and Developers up late and into weekends since the beginning of its existence.

The website is your digital storefront, and you better believe it is essential to all B2B organizations. In the past, we could get by on email campaigns, conferences, and in-person lunch meetings. Webinars that were once a novelty have worn out their welcome as we all are overwhelmed with the amount of content available at our fingertips. 3rd party cookies are on the out. Robust Ad Blockers and VPNs are on the rise. What is a marketer to do? 

Qualified is unique in the fact that it connects your website to your CRM. It connects all channels to your Salesforce through many best practice use cases.

For example, think about the ability to capture an individual that clicks on a paid ad and is then directed to the website or landing page. They receive a unique experience with the chatbot, including the collection of the data we may need to convert them. Of course, with XForce, you have the ability to add them to multiple Salesforce campaigns. 

To complete the 360 view of this particular use case, imagine having hand-crafted responses from your Marketing team at your Sales team's fingertips, extending the storyline of the digital ad, right on the website while the visitor is engaged.

Sales team members can see all the activity, including a Net New Lead or the enrichment of an existing Lead or Contact record from Qualified, right inside of Sales Cloud. If they convert to a contact, and create an opportunity from that lead, the lead source, as well as UTM’s could pass through to the opportunity object! 

That's Marketing & Sales alignment and your first taste of Qualified ROI. 

In the end, we want you to be the hero in your organization, and we stand by our philosophy of Whatever it Takes to do so. This philosophy separates Qualified from anyone in the industry and this TRULY is why Marketing teams love Qualified. While solving the 4 core foundational principles we hear most from B2B Marketers, we also delight and surprise you with product features, like A/B testing, a beautiful UI, and a team that will stand behind you to guarantee your success. 

If you want to see how Qualified Conversations or Qualified Signals could take your team to the next level  Click here to set up some time to chat with me directly, or get a custom demo scheduled. 

Thanks for tuning in to this three-part blog series.  I encourage you to read the first 2 blogs in this series to fully understand the scope of Qualified and its impact on your entire organization.

Until next time, stay hydrated Ohana.

Posted on
July 12, 2022
Jennifer Lynn Schneider

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