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About the Company
Stuffed Animal Pros is a custom plush manufacturer that brings designs, logos, and drawings to life.

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Stuffed Animal Pros bolsters their bulk ordering business with real-time sales conversations and automatic meeting bookers.

Budsies is a fun, innovative company that transforms kid’s drawings into incredibly soft plush stuffed animals. Ever since their launch in 2013, stuffed animal and customized gifts industries by storm by storm. Budsies was featured on Shark Tank in their early years and have since created over 80,000 custom stuffed animals in over 60 countries around the world. In light of this success, Budsies went on to launch Stuffed Animal Pros, their sister business that focuses on bulk stuffed animal orders.

Stuffed Animal Pros manufactures large orders of mascots and plushies for a wide range of clients, serving huge corporations like Apple and The Honest Company, as well as smaller businesses, authors, sports teams, and universities. No matter the size of the client or the order, Stuffed Animal Pros prides themselves on impeccable products and customer experience. 

Great customer experience starts with a seamless sales process. Read how Stuffed Animal Pros grows their sales funnel with Qualified’s conversational marketing platform.

Stuffed Animal Pros uses Qualified to have real-time sales conversations on their website
Stuffed Animal Pros uses Qualified to have high-fidelity sales conversations right on their website

The Challenge

Stuffed Animal Pros’ project management team oversees the entire customer lifecycle, from providing quotes, to processing orders, to final product delivery. Potential clients have always been able to submit  inquiries and request quotes on their website. 

The project management team was missing out on the chance to have real-time conversations with interested buyers at the exact moment they were ready to move forward in the sales cycle. Stuffed Animal Pros needed to expand their sales approach and tap into a faster, more personalized way of selling.

The Solution

Stuffed Animal Pros implemented Qualified and transformed their website into a platform for real-time, personalized sales conversations. Their team was given the tools to connect with qualified prospects and convert leads right from their site. Plus, they leveraged bots to qualify leads and book more sales meetings.

Lauren Elizabeth Mc Ana, Stuffed Animal Pros, on the power of conversational marketing

The Use Case

The Stuffed Animal Pros project management team jumped right in and started having personalized conversations with visitors who demonstrated buying intent. 

Their team now has a crystal-clear picture of their qualified website visitors, including a LiveView of exactly how visitors are exploring their site, as well as data points like the visitors’ referral source or geographical location. This information shapes contextual sales conversations that visitors can’t help but engage with. For instance, a Stuffed Animal Pros project manager might greet someone on the Book Author landing page with a specific set of messaging and content, completely different from how they might greet someone on the Brands and Logos landing page.

Once a conversation is in play, the project manager can seamlessly transition from chat to live phone calls right from the Qualified application, and progress that visitor through the sales cycle. No matter the destination, the team delivers a warm, human sales experience that reflects the Stuffed Animal Pros brand.

The selling doesn’t stop when their team goes home. Stuffed Animals Pros has configured LeadBot to engage with visitors who land on their site after-hours. LeadBot collects visitor information, like their name, company, and product interests, and subsequently displays project manager availability so that qualified leads can book a meeting, right from the website. When the Stuffed Animal Pros team gets online in the morning, they have sales meetings on their calendar and all of the prospect information they need to have a high-fidelity sales conversation.

Even when reps are offline, Stuffed Animal Pros is qualifying leads and booking sales meetings

The Result

The Stuffed Animal Pros team is hooked on Qualified’s conversational marketing solution. They are engaging in more sales conversations than ever before, and thanks to Qualified’s bot functionality, they’re booking more sales meetings.

Lauren Elizabeth Mc Ana, Stuffed Animal Pros, on the power of conversational marketing

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