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Introducing Qualified for Salesforce Pardot



Not all inbound leads are created equal. We help your sales team meet with the right ones.

It's not rocket science, it's common sense. When your sales reps are alerted to qualified leads, and can meet with them in real-time, your chances of conversion skyrocket. Isn't that what your company wants?


Sales teams want instant conversations with qualified leads. Let's make that happen.

Qualified is a Conversational Marketing application, and it's simply a better way to generate pipeline. We'll alert your sales team instantly when qualified leads arrive and open a secret door for them to engage.

The age-old process of creating pipeline is broken. It's time to evolve.

The data doesn't lie, only 5% of your inbound qualified leads will ever fill out a form, of the ones that do, 38% never respond to your reps, and of those remaining it takes 4+ days to get a first meeting.

Marketers spend money buying qualified leads, but most never fill out your forms

Every campaign response hits your marketing budget. But 95% of the qualified leads that respond to your campaigns never fill out a form

When buyers are ready to talk to sales, they get sent away, "We'll get back to you later!"

Filling out a form is a poor experience for the buyer. When qualified buyers are on your site ready to talk to sales, the time to engage is now

And then your reps spend days going back-and-forth trying to get them engaged

Trying to get buyers re-engaged isn't easy. On average it takes 4 days to get a buyer to a first meeting after they've left your site


Real-time conversations mean higher conversion and more pipeline

For years marketing teams have been trained that there's one way to generate pipeline. Conversational Marketing is a better way, and it has an immediate impact on the metrics that matter most.


Talk to qualified leads at the magic moment before they leave your website

Today's sales reps are always looking for an edge, and they know that timing is everything. With Qualified your reps can have instant conversations to convert leads into pipeline even faster.

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Qualified for Salesforce Pardot has been a total home run. We implemented the solution in under 30 days and our sales reps are having 10X more conversations with qualified prospects.

Scott Holden, CMO, ThoughtSpot