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Part 4: Top CMOs Share Their Uncuttable Demand Gen Budget Items Copy
This is part four in our special mini-series, Uncuttable. Tune in to hear from top marketing leaders as they reveal the demand gen budget items they can’t live without.

Guest Bio

Part four of this special mini-series features 12 CMOs and marketing leaders from some of the world's fastest-growing companies.

Episode Summary

On Demand Gen Visionaries, we sit down with marketing leaders from some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies to uncover the demand gen strategies that have been fundamental to their skyrocketing success.

In each episode, we ask our guests which three areas of investment are most important to their demand gen initiatives. Tune in to this special mini-series to hear the budget items our CMO guests can’t live without.

Key Takeaways

While every CMO had their own unique "uncuttable" budget items, there were three that were consistently mentioned as top priorities:

  • SEO and digital reign supreme
  • Webinars and education are critical
  • Analytics have to guide your strategy


“The CMO should be locked at the elbow with the CRO. They should answer each other's phones on the first ring. They should have a good personal relationship. They should be aligned in meetings. One should take a bullet for the other. If one's getting shot at in the board meeting, the CMO should dive in front of the VP of sales or vice versa.” Dave Kellogg
“What's so great about marketing versus any other part of the company is it's where you're actually supposed to test a ton of stuff. So there really isn't any bad marketing campaign. Just as long as it doesn't cause any reputational issues or do anything that’s too strange.” Jay Lee

“If you're a CMO and you're not willing to learn how the demand systems work, you're not going to be CMO for long, unless you have a phenomenal demand gen visionary as your right hand.” Jim Sinai
“My one piece of advice to give to a CMO who's trying to rethink or figure out their demand gen strategy would be to don't try and fix it all at once. Try and find one part that you can focus the team on and fix that first and then go to the second one. Trying to do it all at once can be overwhelming and take too long. Get quick wins.” Sydney Sloan

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