Connecting Qualified to Pardot

After this article, you’ll be able to:

1. connect Qualified to Pardot using Salesforce Single Sign-On

If you already have a Salesforce SSO User created to log into Pardot, you can connect to Pardot by clicking "Connect to Pardot", entering the Pardot Business Unit ID and signing in. If you do not have an SSO user created, you'll follow the instructions below.

Getting Started

Step 1: Create a Salesforce User with an Identity User License.

If you already have an Integration user in Salesforce for Qualified, skip Step 1 and go straight to Step 2.

1. In Salesforce Setup, go to Users and click "New User" to begin creating an identity user license.

Select 'new user.'

2. Create a new Identity User just for Qualified.

  • First Name: Qualified Pardot
  • Last Name: Integration
  • Email: use a valid email address. You'll use this to activate the user and set a password.
  • Username: Select a unique username. We recommend something like qualified-integration@company.com
  • Role: Leave as <None Selected>
  • User License: Identity
  • Profile: Identity User
  • Let Alias and Nickname auto-populate.
Select Identity for the User License.

3. Save the new user.

4. Look in your inbox for an activation email from Salesforce. Click the link in the email to set your password.

Step 2: Create a Pardot User.

1. In Salesforce, go to Pardot Settings and click on Users. Then click the"+Add User" button.

Creating a Pardot user.

2. Create a new Pardot user just for Qualified.

  • First Name: Qualified Pardot
  • Last Name: Integration
  • Email: qualified-integration@company.com
  • CRM Username: Select the username created in Step 1. (qualified-integration@company.com)
  • Uncheck "Send Activation Email"
  • Role: Administrator
Creating Pardot User for Qualified.

Select the CRM Username.

3. Click Create User.

4. Click on Enable Salesforce single sign-on.

Enable Salesforce SSO.

Step 3: Find Your Pardot Business Unit ID.

1. In Salesforce Setup, go to Pardot Account Setup. Copy the Pardot Business Unit ID (it's an 18-digit code.) You'll need it in just a minute.

Business unit ID.

Step 4: Update Your Pardot Connection in Qualified.

1. In Qualified, go to Pardot Connection and click "Connect to Pardot".

2. Enter your Pardot Business Unit ID. For instructions on how to find your business unit ID, hover over the (?) tooltip.

Enter your Pardot Business Unit ID.

3. Enter the Salesforce username and password.

Enter your Salesforce username and password.

You should be all connected at this point to Pardot and no further action is needed. If you're experiencing any problems, please contact your Qualified Success Architect or our technical support team.

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