Qualification by Lead Fields

The traditional method that B2B marketers use to qualify visitors is to define a set of qualification rules based on information provided to you by the website visitor.  Today, marketers set up mechanisms on their website to collect information, such as lead capture forms or lead capture chat bots. Both of these mechanisms are based on the presentation of an offer (for example, 'Talk to a sales rep', 'Download a PDF', or 'Watch a video') and that offer is behind the form or chat bot that serves as a “gate” and a visitor must provide a set of information to pass through the gate.  Lead forms and lead capture bots can be configured to collect any amount of information desired, but typically gather information such as a person’s name, email address, company size, industry, and product interest.

Capturing lead data from a website with a traditional form (left) and a lead chat bot (right)

While every company has a specific set of qualification rules, your sales team is looking for people that are the right buyers for your products and services.   Here are two examples of website visitors who provided lead capture information and the rule that would qualify one of them based on company size:

An example of data you might know about a qualified and unqualified inbound lead
Setting up a qualification rule based on lead data (company size > 1000+ employees)

Historically, the information collected by a lead form or lead capture bot was processed asynchronously, meaning that the visitor provided their information and then received a message saying “Thanks, we’ll get back to you shortly.”  Today you can run lead qualification rules against lead forms and chat bots in real-time and react to your visitors accordingly.


Running qualification rules on lead fields is traditional method that B2B marketers use with information collected via lead capture forms or lead capture chat bots. The process for setting this up includes defining a set of qualification rules based on information provided by the website visitor.

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