Support Deflection in Experiences

There are a few ways in Qualified that you can deflect support tickets from coming into your Sales reps. We’ll go over two different options here, so that you can decide which works best for your visitors and existing customers.

Deflect to Help Center

When setting up your experience in Qualified you can easily set up support deflection to go to your help center, so that your visitors can quickly access your support team and documents. 
To get started, you’ll want to open up any experience that you’d like to add your support deflection to. Typically this will be your homepage or any high traffic pages on your site where existing customers might try to contact you for assistance.

Once in your experience, you’ll need to decide where to add in your deflection point. We typically advise you to add this as soon as possible, so that people aren’t wasting their time in the wrong channel trying to reach your support staff. 

Next, after your greeting (or wherever you’d like to add in your deflection step) you’ll want to create a new step and select our ‘Support Deflection’ option on the left hand side as shown below.

Help Center Deflection.

You’ll notice that we’ve adding in messaging for you, but it can be customized to include your help center address or other information you’d like to include for your visitors.

Deflect Using Email to Case

Another way to easily deflect support inquiries is to create an email to case solution right in your experience itself. This will allow for your customer to stay in the same channel and email in their issue to your support team right where they are.

We’ll walk through an example below, so that you can see how you might want to add this into your own experience.

For our example, we’re adding a support deflection point in our University where we store our help documentation. Here, we’re adding a question right after our greeting so that we can identify who the visitor is and what they might need. 

Adding Question to Determine Visitor Status.

Following the question, we’ll add a branch that allows us to separate our existing customers from the visitors looking to engage with our sales team.

Existing Customer Branching.

The next step after we have an email address for the visitor, we’ll then ask them to give us some more information on the question or issue that is coming up for them. You'll want to keep in mind that you'll need a visitor field called "Support Question" or similar for the question to be stored in and later emailed to your team.

Support Question in the Experience.

Finally, we’ll add the step that will allow all of this information to be sent to our help desk. To do this, select to create a new step and scroll down to the email alert option. You’ll see below that you can configure the email to go anywhere you’d like, for example: so that a case can be created in your help desk. You can also change the details within the email message itself, so your support staff is aware of where the case is coming from.

Email to Case.

You'll want to note here to check the box to "Include Known Visitor Fields" as this will bring in your visitors email address and question as noted above.


Within your Qualified experiences there are two ways that you can easily deflect support tickets coming into your team: 1. Use our built in 'Support Deflection' step to quickly deflect current customers to your help center or 2. Create an email to case step that allows for existing customers to email your support team with their question right from the experience.

Next Steps

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