An Overview of Variable Tags

What are Variable Tags you ask? It's a special Qualified syntax that allows you to (1) take data stored in a Visitor Field and use it dynamically within a chat bot or experience on your website, and (2)  populate Visitor Fields with data coming inbound from other systems

Variable Tags Available in Qualified

The following is a complete list of variable tags currently available in Qualified. Note the syntax you'll use to populate your visitor fields dynamically will be different then what you see below. If you'd like to pre-populate your Visitor Fields check out our Variable Tag library in the Visitor Fields section.

Standard Visitor Field Values


Custom Visitor Field Values


URL Parameter Values


UTM Parameter Values


Qualified Owner Values


Salesforce Lead/Contact/Account Owner Values


Salesforce Lead/Contact Field Values

Reference any standard or custom field using its API name




Salesforce Account Field Values

For Salesforce Contacts with a related Account, or with any matched Salesforce Account




Salesforce Lead/Contact/Account Lookup Field Values

For referencing values in lookup fields on Leads, Contacts or Accounts




Pardot, Marketo, Clearbit & 6Sense Values


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