AB Testing Experiences

How do you know which experience is going to get you Leads? Or, if you are doing all you can to engage with your visitors? AB testing allows for you to test two different experiences simultaneously to take the guesswork out of setting up your experiences for your visitors.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to set up and run Qualified’s AB testing feature on the experiences that matter most on your website.

Before getting started, make sure to reach out to your Qualified Success Architect or our technical support team to turn on this feature in your account.

Setting Up Your Experiences

The first step you’ll want to take is deciding which experiences you’d like to test against each other and where you’d like to test them on your site. We’d recommend starting somewhere that is high traffic, like your homepage so that you can get the best results possible. You’ll also want to keep in mind that you can only test two experiences against each other at this time.

To get started, you’ll want to create your two experiences in Qualified that you’d like to test. A few things you can try testing might be:

  • Custom greetings
  • Adding imagery to your greetings/messages
  • Different options for branching in your greeting such as the one below (image)
Testing custom question branching,

Once your experiences are created in full, you’ll want to edit each one and select whether they are part of test group A or B. 

Setting up testing groups.

The final set up step you’ll want to complete is making sure you label your experiences with the group you’ve selected by naming it something similar to: Experience Test (Group A) and Experience Test (Group B). This will come in handy when looking at the results in your dashboard later on.


As visitors come to your site Qualified will automatically separate them into group A or B, ensuring that each experience gets 50% of the visitors coming to the site.

To determine the winner you’ll want to let your AB test run for a few days (or a few weeks depending on your website traffic). Once your AB test has been running for awhile, you’ll then check your dashboard to determine which experience is getting the most opens and generating the most Leads for your team.

Reading the dashboard results.


Using AB testing within Qualified to test your experiences is a powerful tool that can help you determine which experiences are getting you more conversations, opens, and most importantly Leads. You can use AB testing anywhere on your site to get the most value out of each visitor interaction.

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