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Qualified helps companies generate pipeline, faster. Tap into your greatest asset - your website - to identify your most valuable visitors, uncover signals of buying intent, shape sales and marketing campaigns, and instantly start sales conversations.

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Target Account is demonstrating high buyer intent
Bethany Butler from Target Account clicked through an outbound email
Bethany Butler from Target Account clicked through an ad campaign
Sara Lopez
Hi Bethany! How can I help
you today?
Hi Bethany! I see you’re
looking for a payments
solution. How can I help you?
Hi Bethany! I see you’re in the
market for a billing and payments
solution. How can I help?
Bethany Butler
Hey Sara! Can we talk about
pricing options?
Yes, I am! I have some
product questions.
Which accounting apps do
you integrate with?

The world’s greatest brands turn to Qualified to boost pipeline

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Your next customer is on your website. Talk to them, right now.

Meet with the right buyers at the right moment. Quickly begin a conversation with VIPs using live chat, voice-calls, video, and chatbots. Generating pipeline has never been this easy.

Hi Bethany, welcome back. How can I help you today?
Hey Sara, can you walk me through some pricing options?
Of course, let's talk through it.
When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!
Susan Ganeshan, CMO
Susan Ganeshan, CMO

Tap into a goldmine of buyer intent signals from your target accounts

AI-driven insights tell you which accounts are heating up and ready to buy. Focus sales and marketing efforts so you can maximize pipeline and crush quota.

Our sales reps are unlocking more opportunities than ever before. The days of 'flying blind' are finally over.
Howard Brown, Founder and CEO
Howard Brown, Founder and CEO

Powering it all: Your Salesforce-connected website

When you connect your Salesforce with your website, magic happens. Get crystal-clear visibility into who your visitors are, which company they work for, and what they’re doing, right now.


The perfect payoff to an email or ad click? A real-time sales conversation.

Every outbound email and marketing campaign drives buyers to one place: your website. With Qualified for Outbound and Qualified for ABM, you can capitalize on engagement and turn a quick website visit into lasting pipeline.

Qualified for Outbound

Connect with outbound prospects at exactly the right moment

You’ve piqued their interest, now it’s time to engage. With Qualified for Outbound, sales reps can start a personalized conversation right on the website to provide a smooth experience that converts.

Integrate with your favorite Sales Engagement platform
Sara Lopez
Hi Bethany! I see you’re looking for a payments solution. How can I help?
Bethany Butler
Yes! Looking to learn more about your payment product.

Maximize your ad spend with conversations that convert

Customize your account-based marketing (ABM) ad campaigns to focus on the target accounts showing the highest buying intent.  Engage with buyers in real-time sales conversations when they click through and they’re most engaged.

Sara Lopez
Hi Bethany! I see you’re in the market for a billing and payments solution. How can I help?
Bethany Butler
Yes! Can we set up time to connect?
Sara Lopez
Monday 1/10
Meeting confirmed with Sara Lopez
January 10, 3:30pm
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Is your team using Salesforce? If so, we’re the platform for you.

Built natively on the Salesforce Platform.  Founded by Salesforce executives.  190+ five star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange.  Qualified is purpose-built for Salesforce customers. After all, we’re Ohana.

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Say hello to the Pipeline Cloud

Dive in and learn more about this revolutionary set of technologies designed to help modern revenue leaders meet with their best buyers and generate pipeline, faster.

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The Pipeline Cloud Playbook

The Pipeline Cloud generates more pipeline for modern revenue teams, faster. Here are five key plays that will help you put the Pipeline Cloud into action.

You’re in good company

Our customer stories go on and on. Learn why thousands of customers trust Qualified to meet with their best buyers.

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Buyers come to our site and boom!
They convert instantly.

- Joe Leverson, Head of Digital Marketing, Gamma
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new opportunities
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website conversion

Qualified is our #1 lead source.
This is a must-have solution.

- Craig Shull, SVP and GM, SurveyMonkey
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of pipeline

Our website just got supercharged with 30% more leads.

Elias Larkin, Director of Digital Marketing, Zero Motorcycles
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day go-live
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Talk about immediate impact! We were blown away by the channel’s success.

- Alex Long, Marketing Operations, Korn Ferry
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10X more conversations with target  accounts, what a home run.

- Scott Holden, CMO, Thoughtspot
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Sales conversations
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Booked sales meetings

Qualified is proud to be leading the pack

When you succeed, we succeed

Our motto? “Whatever it takes.” Our team of Salesforce-certified experts will go above and beyond to understand your unique business and implement a solution that shows immediate impact.

VIP service

From kickoff to go-live, we'll perform the entire implementation for you.

Always-on coaching

We’ll train and enable your sales reps, providing best practices to ensure fast results.


Our professional services know the Salesforce ecosystem.  We’ve been there and done that.