The Qualified
Implementation Process™

Our team of Salesforce-certified Success Architects will get you up and running with Qualified in 30-60 days, at no added cost. Because when you succeed, we succeed.
Our Unique Success Philosophy

We do “Whatever It Takes”

From kickoff to go-live, you’ll have a dedicated Salesforce-certified implementation consultant and a dedicated support representative who will manage the entire project, build all your experiences, and perform all implementation services you need.

Our team serves as advisors to your team as you move to conversational sales & marketing

We know you’re busy and we take the lift off your shoulders by acting as a consultant, advisor and coach to help you adapt your business to using conversational sales. No need to prep anything, our team will come ready for our meetings with best practices and guidance to support you.

Our average implementation takes 30-60 days and we’re laser-focused on KPIs and value

We know you have high-level department goals for sales and marketing. Our team will learn how you measure success internally and provide recommendations on how we can configure or optimize Qualified for that both before and after going live.

We’ll work with 1-2 main points of contact from your side to get you live and seeing value ASAP

We typically work with a marketing operations or sales manager to learn your requirements and configure Qualified. Throughout the 30-60 day process, we can pull in others such as Salesforce Admins, Web Developers or your leadership team as needed.

Qualified Success Architect

You’ll partner with a Salesforce-certified Success Architect with deep industry and Salesforce experience. Our customers often call them extensions of their demand gen and marketing team. We’ll manage the entire project, help you set KPIs, complete the implementation for you and ensure you see value with Qualified right away. We’re partners — but also consultants, advisors, support, and coaches for your reps.
Our People

Your Dedicated Success Team

In addition to your Success Architect, you have a whole team by your side from kickoff to go-live who will ensure you are successful by coaching your reps, building sales rep adoption, reviewing KPIs or ROI, making recommendations or providing proactive technical support.

Customer Education

Our team will coach your reps, building adoption and empowering your entire team with guides, videos and more so you can make the most out of Qualified.

Executive Sponsorship

Our executive team is responsible for your overall success and the value you receive. They are available year-round to meet with your leadership team upon request.

Strategic Guidance

We’re here to provide VIP service and perform the entire implementation for you. We’ll meet weekly, develop a bespoke strategy for you and help you see the impact.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is accessible and proactively reaches out via live chat and email to help answer questions and support you with our products.
Step By Step

The Qualified Implementation Process™

We’ve fine-tuned our approach to get you live quickly and see immediate ROI for your business. Our Success Architects use a ten-step process to bring Qualified to life on your site.
Step 1

Introductory Call

Get started quickly! Prepare for kickoff and get to know each other.
30 minute Zoom call
Primary POC

During this stage, your Success Architect will:

  • introduce themselves and the Qualified Implementation Process™
  • scope the project and discuss timeline and potential roadblocks
  • determine participants in future calls
  • provision the team with access to Qualified
  • share the implementation workbook and project management tracker
  • schedule kickoff call with broader team (if needed)

Things to consider:

  • Are there any topics you’d like your Success Architect to focus on during kickoff?
  • Are your web developer and Salesforce Admin available as we start technical setup?
  • Who would be the best backup point-of-contact during and post-implementation?
  • How do you prefer to track project status?
  • What would be your ideal go-live date?
Step 2

Kickoff Call (Optional)

Let’s launch Qualified on your website!
1 hour Zoom call
Primary POC
Executive Sponsor
Marketing Leadership
Sales Leadership
Salesforce Admin
Webmaster or Web Developer (optional)

During this stage, your Success Architect will:

  • overview Qualified with all stakeholders
  • share our implementation framework
  • discuss timeline and potential roadblocks
  • align on what KPIs are most important

Things to consider:

  • What KPIs are most important to you and your business?
  • Are there any security items or potential blockers that will need to be resolved?
Step 3

Technical Setup

We'll connect Qualified with your website and backend systems.
Allow at least one day, more if you require sandbox testing
Primary POC
Marketing Automation Admin
SSO Admin
Salesforce Admin
Webmaster or Web Developer (optional)

During this stage, your Success Architect will:

  • discuss the architecture of the Qualified
  • confirm that the Javascript is added to your website
  • activate Signals intent data
  • discuss user management and single sign-on
  • validate connections to Salesforce and other integrated systems

Things to consider:

  • Do you have an identity provider or use SSO?
  • Qualified is a Salesforce connected app and integrates as an API user; we highly recommend creating a dedicated user.
  • Will you need to test the Qualified in a Salesforce sandbox first?
  • Where will leads be created? We recommend creating in Salesforce first.
  • Do you use Slack or Microsoft Teams? Consider what types of alerts you would like.

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Using your Salesforce Sandbox
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Cookies Required for the Qualified App

Step 4


Using the Qualified Framework™, our team will gather your requirements.
2-3 hours of Zoom calls
Primary POC
Demand Gen & Marketing Operations
Salesforce Admin

During this stage, your Success Architect will:

  • use the Qualified Framework™ to gather your business requirements
  • walk through how we’ll use visitor segments and routing to meet your requirements
  • discuss visitor fields and mapping to Salesforce or your marketing automation platform
  • configure the platform for your live chat, meeting booker and chatbot needs
  • document custom experiences designed for the types of visitors on your website

The Qualified Framework™

To gather your requirements, we’ll use our Qualified Framework™ and ensure each experience served to your website visitors is built just for your company’s needs.️

Visitor ID
How does Qualified identify website visitors?
Using first-party cookies, URL parameters, target account matching and reverse IP lookups.
Visitor 360
data mapping
How will you identify qualified leads? What information needs to flow to Salesforce?
Map systems to form a composite view of every visitor and relevant fields.
Segments & Live streams
How do you want to segment visitors based on your go-to-market strategy?
For example, by open pipeline, target accounts, paid advertising or existing customers.
Routing &
Who will have conversations with leads? What about unqualified leads?
Configure sales rep teams and groups, target account routing and immediate alerts.
Bespoke Experiences
What do you want your VIP buyers to experience on your site?
Create personalized website experiences to optimize conversion
Performance Tracking
How do we measure funnel, conversion and sales rep performance?
Understand opportunity influence, pipeline generation, conversation  analytics and rep performance.
Step 5

Build & Review

We’ll build experiences and configure Qualified for you.
Allow 4-5 days with follow-up review sessions
Primary POC
Demand Gen & Marketing Operations
Salesforce Admin

During this stage, your Success Architect will:

  • create bespoke experiences, routing rules, deflection flows and more for you
  • configure routing, visitor fields, reverse IP, performance tracking for you
  • identify opportunities for automatically and manually triggered experiences
  • discuss opportunities for ABM or target account experiences and strategies
  • advise your team on targeting based on campaign, Outreach or visitor data
  • work with you until you’re satisfied with the proposed initial configuration
  • build intelligent reports using buyer intent data to inform your outbound strategy and to calculate ROI

Relevant University Articles:

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Configuring Live Streams

Step 6

System Validation

Together, we’ll review and test your configuration until it’s satisfactory.
1 hour Zoom call
Primary  POC
Demand Gen & Marketing Operations
Salesforce Admin

During this stage, your Success Architect will:

  • validate configuration and integrations with your other business systems to ensure everything is working as expected
  • test proper configuration of Qualified data mapping
  • ensure data is correctly flowing between all of your business systems

Things to consider:

  • We will provide test scripts including a number of sample test scenarios for experiences, the Qualified app and validating integrations between other systems.

Relevant University Article:

Testing Experiences

Step 7

Sales Training

We’ll train your sales reps and teams on our product & best practices.
1 hour Zoom call with larger sales rep teams
Primary POC
Sales Leadership
Sales Reps

During this stage, our team will:

  • lead a product tour and train your inbound team on world-class chat engagement best practices
  • train your outbound team to leverage Signals intent data to prioritize the hottest accounts with the highest likelihood to convert
  • overview Qualified University and our resources such as videos, articles and courses to help drive success with your team
  • confirm your go-live date and build broader adoption and awareness among your team

Things to consider:

  • We highly recommend Sales Managers assign our Qualified Sales Rep courses to all new Sales Reps and pin Qualified University to any existing sales enablement resources.
  • We encourage Sales Managers to play a role in building sales rep adoption and awareness -- hold contests, consider daily check-ins and bring feedback to your Success Architect.

Relevant University Resources:

For Sales Reps

For Sales Managers

Step 8

Qualified Go-Live

We’ll activate your experiences and review how it’s performing.
30 minutes offline
Primary  POC
Executive Sponsor
Marketing Leadership
Sales Leadership

During this stage, your Success Architect will:

  • activate chat experiences on your website and begin real-time engagement
  • activate your outbound teams to leverage Signals in their daily go-to-market plays
  • check-in with you throughout your first week

Things to consider:

  • Are there experiences or features we weren’t able to develop before go-live? Your dedicated Success Architect is available to help you implement, optimize and improve your experience working with Qualified
  • Your Success Architect will provide recommendations to get the most value out of Qualified during your first week and ensure that you are seeing value as soon as you go-live
Step 9


We’re there for you as strategy partners, implementation consultants and more.
As needed ad-hoc support, throughout your contract
Primary  POC

During this stage, your Success Architect will:

  • If included in your contract, your Success Architect will support you with full service year-round optimization of your Qualified account as your priorities, campaigns and sales processes evolve
  • We’ll handle configuration changes, new feature rollout, A/B split testing, business and KPI reviews for leadership teams and provide ongoing strategic guidance in your use of Qualified
Step 10

Showcasing Value

We’ll facilitate KPI reviews and review ROI and recommendations for Qualified.
As needed on an ad-hoc or yearly basis, throughout your contract
Primary POC
Marketing Leadership
Sales Leadership

During this stage, your Success Architect will:

  • facilitate a KPI review, reviewing the ROI of Qualified, including influenced pipeline, revenue, leads created and meetings booked
  • provide an engagement funnel showing how your website is facilitating visitor conversations, generating leads and booking meetings
  • provide benchmarks and recommendations for optimizing your use of Qualified

Things to consider:

  • Our team is standing by to partner with you and happy to review your account and provide a KPI review for you or your executive team as needed.
Loved by Thousands of Customers Around the World

See what our customers love about Qualified

Salesforce customers around the globe choose Qualified to generate more pipeline and accelerate deals. Don’t just take it from us, check out our reviews on G2 and the Salesforce AppExchange.
Qualified did all the heavy lifting for us and got us up and running in literally a couple of weeks.
James Hemberg
The Qualified people are amazing. I consider them friends.
As a super fast-growing SaaS business, Qualified is a must-have tool. The Qualified people are amazing, I consider them friends, wanting what we want, success and fast growth. I really enjoy working with Qualified. I love you guys.
Matt Bullock
Hands down the best support & account management I’ve ever had.
Qualified claimed their client success management was a difference-maker. This ultimately swayed our decision for Qualified vs. others. They were spot on the money. Best support I have ever had with a technology partner.
Stephen Pavlich
Oh wow, Qualified’s service is second to none.
They were with us every step of the way to ensure we had a smooth onboarding and transition experience. After our onboarding was complete, they continued to monitor our performance, provide feedback, and recommend new use cases to ensure we leverage Qualified to the fullest.
Evelyn Lin
Love the tool and the team!
The Qualified team is exceptional and always eager to help. They seem ready and willing to receive feedback and take action on that feedback to enhance their platform.
Spencer Peterson
Our rockstar QSA and Qualified have been great partners to stick with us and ensure our success.
Alex Robinson

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