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Harness the power of Qualified AI to surface the right marketing offer for the right buyer, supercharging website conversions and maximizing pipeline.
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Boost website conversions with Qualified Offers, a core tenet of the Pipeline Cloud

Qualified Offers works harmoniously within the Pipeline Cloud – serving tailored marketing promotions to each unique buyer, bolstering engagement, and generating more pipeline from your website.
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Never miss the chance to promote your best marketing offers, right on the website

Don’t bury your invaluable marketing offers — like free trials, product demos, ebooks, or virtual events. Instead, elevate them across the website as notification bars, side pop-ups, or embedded banners. With Qualified Offers, you can capture more pipeline with less effort.

Dynamically personalize your marketing offers for each buyer with ease

Showing the same exact offer to every website visitor won’t yield the results you need. Instead, Qualified will automatically serve the most relevant offer for each visitor based on their individual buying journey. This personalized approach is guaranteed to garner more engagement with your target buyers.

See how Qualified Offers can work for you

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Design custom marketing offers, enhanced with AI, to increase engagement

Creating offers within Qualified is a breeze. Just point-and-click to build beautiful, eye-catching promotions across your site. With Qualified AI, you can automatically generate multiple variations of the same offer to test new messages in market. Simply select the options that work best for you and activate them on your website, instantly.

With Qualified Offers, we can present personalized promotions to each buyer and turn every possible website touchpoint into pipeline.

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Learn how you can surface the right marketing offers and capture more pipeline.


Harness the power of machine learning to scale your efforts

Manual, time-consuming A/B testing is a thing of the past. Qualified AI automatically runs customized experimentation across your website and makes ongoing optimizations to serve the highest-performing offers based on conversions. With Qualified AI, the legwork is done for you.

Make data-driven decisions that deliver real impact

Track performance with custom reports and dashboards then push this data into Salesforce, your source of truth. With these indispensable insights you can inform your marketing strategy, improve your content, and generate more pipeline.

Qualified AI

Revolutionize your website with AI

Qualified AI is comprised of four pillars — Recommendation AI, Generative AI, Optimization AI, and Predictive AI — designed to deliver hyper-personalized website experiences, boost engagement, and grow your pipeline faster.