Build Your Own Pipeline Council Template

Download your free Google Slide and Google Sheet template for everything you need to start an effective Pipeline Council at your organization.

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What’s included
in the Pipeline Council Template

Simply import your pipeline data into the templates, and you will have a detailed, impactful Pipeline Council deck that you can use to showcase pipeline performance, drive meaningful action, and help align teams and executives.

Google Slide template

Google Slide template with detailed instructions throughout.

Google Sheet template

Google Sheet template where you can import your own data to automatically update formulas, charts, and more.

Pipeline Council is an opportunity to get all the GTM pipeline stakeholders in a room and analyze:

Where do we stand against goals?
What is working really well?
Where do we need to improve?

Why do you need a Pipeline Council?

Pipeline isn’t the responsibility of any one team. Instead, pipeline generation spans your entire GTM organization, and requires tight cross-functional alignment.

Pipeline to me is a team sport. You need good friction and interrogation around hitting pipeline metrics, with everybody having a seat at the table, and the most successful way I have found to do this is running a Pipeline Council.

Ed McDonnell, CRO

You don’t need to waste precious time trying to create a Pipeline Council from scratch.