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Qualified Summer ‘20 Has Arrived!

Here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest features, hot off the press from the Qualified product team.

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How Leading B2B Companies are Shifting Digital Marketing Strategies

B2B companies are going all in on digital marketing. Grab some inspiration from brands that have quickly and effectively shifted their strategies.

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4 Quick Conversational Marketing Wins

Here are 4 strategies you can try on your website right now to convert more inbound website traffic. Ready, set, go!

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A Conversation with Gamma: Their First 6 Months with Qualified

Some highlights? Generating £1m in pipeline and 50 new sales opportunities!

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Our Approach to Content Marketing: Conversational

Here's our journey to how we launched our content marketing book, the conversational way!

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Conversational Marketing Dictionary: The Terms You Need to Know

We've rounded up the must-know Conversational Marketing terms, so you can speak like a pro.

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How to Sell Conversational Marketing to Your Boss

Need some help selling Conversational Marketing? Here are 8 steps to convince your team it's a smart investment.

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40+ Conversational Marketing Stats You Need to Know

Take a look at this list of Conversational Marketing statistics to learn how powerful this B2B selling channel is.

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5 Ways to use Conversational Marketing Right Now

Tips for how to use Conversational Marketing to strengthen relationships and keep momentum in your pipeline.

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Humans Can’t Scale and Bots Can’t Sell: Why Your Business Needs Both

Learn how to use sales reps and chatbots together to build a highly effective conversational marketing program.

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What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

ABM is a hot term in the B2B world right now. So what is it, and where does Conversational Marketing fit in?

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How Brandfolder Generates 6X More Opportunities

We sat down with the Brandfolder team to hear why they've invested in Conversational Marketing and learn about its business impact.

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The Top 20 Live Chat and Chatbot Strategies

Looking for conversational marketing inspiration? We've compiled the Top 20 strategies from the best of the best.

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Best Conversation Starters, from a Qualified Super-User

Qualified SDR Blake shares how she uses the application and what openers get her the most engagement.

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Say Hello to Spring ‘20

Qualified's Spring '20 release is here! From powerful analytics to a new Slack integration, you won't want to miss this exciting release.

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Why askSpoke Thinks Live Chat is the New-School Form

Read why modern ticketing platform askSpoke is investing in Live Chat and Chatbots to capture more leads and book more meetings.

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10 Conversational Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Check out these guidelines to ensure that you’re delivering the best possible Conversational Marketing experience.

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Connected Campaigns 101 with Pardot Trailblazer Jennifer Schneider

We sat down with Jennifer Schneider to learn about the hot topic of Salesforce Pardot Connected Campaigns.

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