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Qualified perfectly aligns with Salesforce’s mission to bring customers and companies closer together.

Sarah Franklin
CMO & President - Salesforce

With Qualified, we’ve seen our pipeline skyrocket. It’s now the #1 lead source for our organization.

Craig Shull
SVP & GM - SurveyMonkey

In an increasingly automated world, Qualified enables a personalized approach to quicker lead generation and qualification. It’s a no-brainer.

Spencer Peterson
Revenue Strategy & Operations Manager - VMware

Qualified is king! From the seamless Salesforce connection to the robust insights, this is the best solution out there.

Kruse Collins
Salesforce Manager - Adobe

Qualified helps us delight our customers at critical touchpoints in today’s complex buying journey. It’s fantastic!

Jena Andres
Head of Marketing - Welcome

We have seen amazing results. Leads that come from Qualified take less time to close than any other marketing channel. It’s incredible!

Alex Long
Marketing Operations - Korn Ferry



of your most valuable conversations... and counting

We have a fast path to engage our high-intent accounts. We’ve doubled pipeline and revenue coming from our website!

Robin Daniels

We give our website visitors a VIP buying experience and make slow sales cycles a thing of the past.

Michelle Martin
Head of Inside Sales

10X more conversations with target accounts. What a home run.

Scott Holden

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Our customer stories showcase unique use cases that inspire a personalized approach to sales and marketing.


Matterport, the world's leading spatial data platform valued at $5.67B, closes deals 40% faster and increases revenue 25% QoQ with Qualified

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ThoughtSpot, an AI-driven analytics company and Silicon Valley unicorn, increased MQLs by 70% with Qualified.

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Gamma, a dominant telecoms company in the UK, increased web conversions by 33% and drove £12M in pipeline with Qualified.

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Korn FerryKorn Ferry

Korn Ferry, a $2B global consulting and SaaS-based HR tech firm, saw 60% more web conversions and $3.7M in revenue with Qualified.

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Dremio, a next-generation data lake engine and Silicon Valley unicorn, increased MQLs by 100% with Qualified.

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project44, the world’s leading supply chain visibility platform, drove $9.6M+ in pipeline and $1.3M+ in closed revenue less than one year after switching to Qualified.

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Granicus, the leading SaaS platform for government agencies, increased web conversion rates by 40% with Qualified.

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Brandfolder, the leading digital asset management platform, generates more meetings and opportunities with Qualified.

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Bitly, the link management platform used by two out of three Fortune 500 companies, increased pipeline by 6X with Qualified.

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IMD Business SchoolIMD Business School

IMD, one of the top three business school programs in the world, generated 30% more sales meetings with Qualified.

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Staffbase, a global, mobile-first employee experience platform, increased MQLs and improved conversion rates with Qualified.

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