Sendoso Generated $4.4M in Pipeline and Achieved 1,247% ROI with Qualified

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When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!

Sendoso Generated $4.4M in Pipeline and Achieved 1,247% ROI with Qualified

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About the Company
Sendoso, the leading end-to-end sending platform, helps over 800 B2B companies worldwide, including Nasdaq, SurveyMonkey, and Nutanix, by enabling revenue teams to send personalized gifts to customers at every touchpoint along their journey. Headquartered in San Francisco, California and backed by $152M in venture funding, Sendoso serves customers throughout North America, Europe, and the Asian Pacific.
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Sendoso Generated $4.4M in Pipeline and Achieved 1,247% ROI with Qualified

Sendoso, a leading end-to-end Sending Platform trusted by Nasdaq, Citadel, and Nutanix, helps the marketing, customer experience, and sales teams of over 800 companies worldwide effectively engage and build relationships with customers at strategic touchpoints with personalized, data-backed gifting solutions that help to drive more pipeline and revenue.

Sendoso understands that personalized connections equate to more lead conversions. As such, they leveraged the Qualified, including Qualified Conversations and Qualified for Outreach, to accurately identify valuable website visitors, route them appropriately, and close deals faster.

The Challenge

Sendoso was already using a conversational marketing tool to try and help website visitors find the answers they were looking for. But with traffic coming to their site through numerous avenues—including paid search, paid social, SEO, organic, and in-person events—their business development representatives (BDR) were having trouble efficiently qualifying leads. This was because their previous tool lacked the capabilities needed to identify valuable website visitors and route them appropriately, resulting in low conversion rates and customer journeys that fell flat. Sendoso also experienced serious limitations when it came to their previous tool's customer support. 

Katie Penner, Business Development and Sales Outreach Manager, knew there was more they could be doing to drive sales and opportunities through their website. Sendoso needed a better solution to accurately identify and engage website visitors that fit their ideal customer profile (ICP). Additionally, Sendoso wanted to understand the type of content that was most impactful in pushing them along in their customer journey. 

The Solution

Sendoso turned to Qualified: a set of technologies and processes that help B2B companies generate pipeline quicker. Qualified helps companies identify their most valuable visitors, instantly start sales conversations, shape sales and marketing campaigns, and uncover signals of buying intent.

From kickoff to go-live, Qualified provided Sendoso with a dedicated Salesforce-certified implementation consultant, Danielle, and together they developed the following strategy: 

  • Segment website traffic to help sales reps focus on high-priority visitors that fit Sendoso’s ICP
  • Use Salesforce and 6sense data to automatically route visitors to their assigned business development representative (BDR) 
  • Personalize experiences across Sendoso’s high-intent pages including their pricing, solutions, integrations, success stories, and blog posts
  • Instantly route prospects that click through an Outreach email and arrive on the website, and alert the email sender to welcome them with a tailored greeting 
  • Set up chatbots so that when BDRs are offline and visitors want to request a demo, reps can still qualify them with preset questions
Segmenting website traffic helps BDRs focus on high-priority visitors

With Qualified’s Salesforce and 6sense integrations, visitors are automatically routed to their assigned BDR as soon as they land on the website so reps can have hyper-personalized sales conversations.

“As a manager, Qualified Insights is very helpful because it breaks down conversation engagement, sales rep performance, and business impact with robust analytics. My reps are able to tell who should be prioritized and why,” Katie said.

With this level of visibility, Katie’s team can make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive more pipeline. They also enjoy the Visitor 360° and Live Views of each web visitor and are able to frame up conversations because reps are able to see a visitor’s browsing activity as it's happening.

Visitor 360 with the email in LiveView and a contextual conversation

To enhance their routing and alerts even further, Sendoso also used Qualified for Outreach. This meant sales reps were immediately notified when an outbound prospect clicked through their Outreach email to the site—typically a blind spot for reps. They knew exactly who the prospect was, which email they opened, and the link that was clicked to get them to the site. This gave reps the insight they needed to start a seamless conversation across channels.

The Results

Since going live with Qualified, Sendoso has boosted pipeline growth by 40%, driven $4.4M in pipeline generation, and achieved 1,247% ROI. That’s possible because reps can now accurately identify valuable website visitors regardless of what marketing avenue they came to the site from, engage them with tailored conversations, and book more meetings.

Through it all, Sendoso received strong support and guidance from the Qualified team. Danielle helped them with best practices around pouncing on website visitors with chat, qualifying via chat, offline messaging and more. “Our biggest learning has been different qualifying questions that we didn't think about before that have now become a key part of the qualification process through the conversations that we can see happening on Qualified,” Katie said.

Key Learnings

For Sendoso, the most valuable lessons Qualified taught them were best practices for offline messaging. Website visitors can still get the information they need and book a meeting with a sales rep, even if that rep is not online. In fact, roughly 10-15% of sales-qualified opportunities are now coming through the offline booker, which is more than Katie expected.

Chat experience allows for lead qualification while team is offline

By opening this new avenue, Sendoso also gained a much better understanding of what qualifying questions were leading to sales-qualified opportunities, and which questions were missing the mark. “It may be pricing, it may be capabilities. We can add in questions to further filter those people out, which is really nice insight for us,” said Katie. 

As for next steps, Sendoso plans to continue evolving the offline chat and post-conversation experiences to keep communications cohesive long after the handoff.

If you’d like to learn more about how Qualified can drive more pipeline, revenue, and ROI for your business, feel free to chat with us anytime.

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