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Meet the Qualified Platform

The Qualified Platform underpins the entire Qualified product suite so you can automatically identify, engage, and convert your most valuable website visitors into immediate pipeline. This is the future of AI pipeline generation.
Qualified AI
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Qualified AI

AI that supercharges pipeline generation

Qualified AI is the secret sauce that amplifies the entire Qualified Platform.  With a deep understanding of both your business and buyers, Qualified AI uses advanced machine learning to maximize your website for conversion.

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Discover what makes the Qualified Platform so unique

The Qualified Platform offers five unmatched capabilities that are purpose-built for pipeline generation and turbocharged by AI. These are what make Qualified so powerful and differentiates us from any other solution on the market.


Get a 360-degree view of your website visitors

Knowing who’s on your website is crucial so you can take appropriate action. With Qualified, you can identify individual website visitors, understand their intent, and get intel on their account.


Organize and prioritize your best buyers

Qualified helps you cut through website traffic and separate the signal from the noise. This helps you focus your energy on the buyers who matter most to your business.


Personalize buying experiences that convert

With Qualified, you can deliver tailored buying experiences that increase engagement. This includes personalized greetings, instant meeting scheduling for qualified buyers, and real-time conversations with assigned sales reps.

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Route buyers and track next steps, automatically

Intricate routing capabilities are essential for pipeline generation. Qualified connects buyers to exactly the right rep and enables dynamic workflows that automate next steps for your revenue teams.


Turn valuable data into actionable insights

With custom reports and dashboards, you can track pipeline performance and visualize business impact then make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive more pipeline.

The power of the Qualified Platform is unrivaled. It’s  made a significant impact on our sales pipeline and we have seen a substantial increase in conversions. Qualified is top notch!

Federico Domingue
Director, Sales Operations
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Make the most of your sales and marketing data

The Qualified Platform integrates with your entire go-to-market tech stack so your existing solutions—like Salesforce CRM, Marketing Automation Platforms, ABM, Sales Engagement, and B2B Advertising—work seamlessly together. Unifying this data helps you understand your website visitors and your next best action.


Developed exclusively for Salesforce customers

More than a Salesforce integration, Qualified’s infrastructure is built natively on the Salesforce Platform with deep connectivity to the Salesforce core. No matter the complexity, Qualified can traverse every Sales Cloud model, leverage thousands of data points, and drive deeply personalized pipeline programs that transform your business.

Salesforce CRM

Trust is our #1 value

We know security and integrity of customer data is paramount. That’s why trust is our #1 value at Qualified. The Qualified Platform uses your data to accelerate lead generation, pipeline, and revenue all while helping customers maintain control of their privacy and data security.


Discover how the Qualified Platform can turn your best accounts into pipeline, today.