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Conversational Marketing is a simple concept.  If your company could know instantly when qualified prospects arrive on your site, why not greet them with a conversation? Buyers in the real world don't expect to fill out forms that end with “Thanks, we'll get back to you later.”  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what B2B marketing and sales teams have been doing for more than a decade.

A decade of lead capture forms

Over the past decade B2B companies have been trained that the way to generate pipeline is to run campaigns that drive website traffic, and then ask buyers to fill out a "lead capture form" if they want to talk to sales

The Problem

Painfully slow lead response time

Our sales teams feel the pain of this approach.  Sifting through queues of leads and doing their best to respond as fast as possible.  But the data doesn’t lie.  Every sales rep knows that the longer it takes to respond, the more difficulty they have engaging with that prospect.

And often, your best leads go dark

Nearly all lead generation forms end with a generic message saying "thanks, someone will be in touch shortly." The problem is, buyers move onto other things. When you don't respond to qualified prospects in the moment, they often never re-engage when your reps reach out later.


of qualified leads will never respond to a sales rep after they fill out a form and leave the website

What if buying from your company felt more like this?

We all love the Apple store because it's an incredible buying experience. When you arrive there are friendly faces to greet you. There are experts who can walk you through product features and pricing. The whole process is welcoming and frictionless.


Real-time conversations

The answer is simple. Instead of making your prospects fill out forms, start having conversations in real-time with your qualified buyers. And if making changes to your demand gen process seems like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. Your team will be fighting to have these conversations because they know instant meetings result in conversions.


The proof is in the numbers

Conversational marketing is the rare opportunity for your company to completely change the game on how you interact and engage with qualified prospects.  Your buyers will be thrilled about the new experience and your business will feel the impact to the metrics that matter most.

More leads

You’ll be uncovering new leads from people that would have never filled out a form

More pipeline

You’ll be creating more Opportunities from having real-time conversations

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