Qualified Signals

Account-based sales intelligence unlike anything before. Focus your sellers on accounts with high buying intent so they can maximize pipeline.

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Qualified Signals

Tap into a goldmine of buyer intent signals

A vital part of the Pipeline Cloud, Qualified Signals surfaces the buying intent of a B2B company’s target accounts. Use this valuable data to focus your sales and marketing efforts on high-intent accounts and maximize pipeline.

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AI that predicts purchase intent for your most prized accounts

Buyers from your target accounts are browsing your website and researching your products every day. The Signals AI Predictive Model combines first-party website engagement, third-party research intent data, and Salesforce data to identify where each account is in their buyer journey. Use these insights to target the accounts that are sales-ready and nurture those who are just starting their research.

Engagement Intent

Leverage first-party website engagement to identify the accounts that are actively browsing your website. See which products and services they find most appealing, then take quick and meaningful action, like focused outbound prospecting and advertising campaigns.

Research Intent

Harness third-party research data to uncover target accounts that are in-market to buy. With the breadth and depth of third-party data, you can determine where they are in their buying journey, then use this insight to get in front of decision makers at the most optimal time.


See which accounts are heating up and sales ready

Work smarter, not harder. Elevate your sales prospecting strategy with a high-level overview of buying intent for all accounts on the site. Customize the view to focus on accounts that matter most, like target accounts, ABM tier, account owner, or industry.


Drill down into each account to get a clearer picture

With countless website and online activities occurring across accounts at any given moment, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of it all. Signals captures this data then aggregates it into a single account view with a highly visual activity timeline.

Account Trend Graph

A dynamic graph showing intent over time, including notable activities, to help reps understand an account’s priorities.

Activity Timeline

A timestamped overview of every website engagement to give sales reps a deep understanding of account behavior and interest.

Account 360

A robust account profile complete with known website visitors tied to the account as well as website, third-party, and Salesforce data.

Qualified Signals is buyer intent reimagined. Now I can use valuable website data to direct my sales reps to exactly the right accounts, resulting in more pipeline and more revenue.

Kaushik Patel
SVP, Business Operations

We're seeing success with Signals and expanding it to drive account-based advertising and outbound outreach. It's exciting!

Jesse West
Director of Lifecycle Marketing
Discover the power of Qualified Signals

Learn how Qualified Signals can help sales reps drive more pipeline and crush quotas.


Surface Signals data inside Salesforce, your source of truth

Signals data also lives in Salesforce, where sales reps spend their day. Account 360 can be iframed into the Account record for quick access and Signals data can be pushed to custom fields. Then, pull these insights into the Account Prioritization Dashboard to guide sales reps and their account strategy.


Take meaningful action with real-time alerts

Get Signals data into the hands of those who need it most: sales reps. Prompt quick action with real-time notifications across Qualified Mobile or email when an account is trending—either upward or downward.

The SIGNALS Playbook

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Discover 10 strategies you can put into play now to start maximizing pipeline, more efficiently.
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