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Account-based buyer intent unlike anything before. Focus your sellers on accounts with high buying intent so they can maximize pipeline.

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See which accounts are heating up and sales ready

Signals connects account-based website activity with Salesforce data to tell your sellers who is demonstrating buying intent—helping them prioritize their prospecting efforts and crush their quota.

Signals Account Trends

Signals monitors website behavior and categorizes accounts by trend—like cooling, heating, or surging—to help sales reps understand buying intent fluctuations over time.

Signals Account Temperature

Buying intent quantified using Signals Heat Index, a proprietary measurement scale that assigns temperatures so sales reps can stack rank accounts from hot to cold.


AI that predicts purchase intent for your most prized accounts

Prospects from your target accounts are actively browsing your website every day. The Signals AI Predictive Model analyzes hundreds of thousands of website data points to identify high-intent accounts and focus your sales team where it matters.

Mouse moves, clicks, & scroll depth

Visitor website activity, including scroll depth down a webpage, signals deeper engagement.

Page views with high intent

A visitor explores pages across your site, each page holding varying weight as defined by you.

Active time on site

A visitor actively views website content, versus idle time, triggering a key intent signal.

Chatbot conversations

A visitor engages with a chatbot, displaying heightened interest in learning more.

Human conversations

A visitor chats with a sales rep over live chat, showing increased engagement.

Voice calls

A visitor talks with a sales rep over the phone, clearly signaling high purchase intent.

Meetings Booked

A visitor books a meeting with a sales rep, showing a desire to continue the sales process.

Visitor recency and frequency

Visitors from one account return repeatedly and often, demonstrating ongoing interest.

Multiple visitors from an account

Multiple visitors from the same account browse the website, signaling internal discussions.


Drill down into each account to get a clearer picture

With countless website activities occurring for each account at any given moment, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of it all. Signals captures this data then aggregates it into a single account view with a highly visual activity timeline.

Signals Activity Timeline

A timestamped overview of every website event to give sales reps a deep understanding of account behavior and interest.

Signals Account 360

A robust account profile complete with known website visitors tied to the account as well as unique engagement and Salesforce data.

Signals has me excited because I'm a big believer in buyer intent tools. It will dramatically impact our SDRs ability to get speed-to-lead!

Anna Centrella
Director of Sales Development

We're seeing success with Signals and expanding it to drive Account-Based Advertising and Outbound Outreach. It's exciting!

Jesse West
Director of Lifecycle Marketing

I've worked with many other chatbot services but nothing comes close to Qualified.

Kaushik Patel
SVP, Business Operations
Discover the power of Qualified Signals

Learn how Qualified Signals can help sales reps drive more pipeline and crush quotas.


Surface Signals data inside Salesforce,
your source of truth

Signals data also lives in Salesforce, where sales reps spend their day. Account 360 can be iframed into the Account record for quick access and Signals data can be pushed to custom fields. Then, pull these insights into the Account Prioritization Dashboard to guide sales reps and their account strategy.

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Signals Mobile & Slack Alerts

Take meaningful action with real-time alerts

Get Signals data into the hands of those who need it most: sales reps. Instantly notify reps across channels when an account is trending—either upward or downward—so they can take quick action and engage the account in a meaningful way.

Here are 10 strategies to steal right now so you can maximize pipeline, more efficiently.


Powerful alone. Better together.

Amplify Qualified Conversations by bringing purchase intent data to the visitor level. When a prospect arrives, sales reps can instantly meet them using a full stack of meeting tools—like chat, voice, and screen-sharing—plus they have all intent data at the ready.

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Powered by the qualified

As the world’s first native conversational platform built exclusively for Salesforce, Xforce leverages hundreds of thousands of unique Salesforce configurations and data architectures to help our customers maximize their Sales Cloud investment.

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Qualified Signals in Action

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